1. Chaleb

    Being Reconciled : #2

    - Before Paul was born again, he said that he had been "" blameless in the law."" He had kept it, and later found that Christianity is not based on that,..... and discovered that in his inner man there is a tremendous conflict that occurs if he tried to strive to be holy in his flesh, (self...
  2. Chaleb

    How Smart is the Devil ?

    How smart is the Devil? He was not smart enough to realize that he could not sit on a Throne of Rulership above God, in Heaven, so, he was sent down here. He is however, so very clever that he was able to deceive Eve into broken fellowship from God. He is also so clever that he can...
  3. Chaleb

    Power : To Stand

    - Reader... How do you get the victory over your flesh, the world and the devil? How? How do you end up here......."i can do ALL things Through Christ, which Strengthens me", and. "Christ ALWAYS gives me the Victory"... over the the flesh, the world and the devil. How do you go...
  4. Chaleb

    Jesus : Our Sanctification

    - Jesus is our Sanctification. Reader....are you born again, or just water baptized and religious? Jesus said..>"You must be born again"......and water can't do that for you. So, when we are "In Christ", we are sanctified..... as Christ is our Sanctification. 1 Corinthians 1:30 And here...
  5. Chaleb

    Being : Reconciled

    - 1.) To be reconciled to God, has to be based on God. Why? Because its God who requires it, and so, its God who sent Christ The Lord to The Cross to provide to the world what GOD REQUIRES, so that anyone and everyone can become reconciled to Him....= ""The Gift of Salvation"". This is the...
  6. A

    Potential girlfriend affirms homosexuality, what to do, am I wrong?

    I’m a third year college student and about six months ago I met this wonderful Christian girl who loves the Lord and loves people. She’s gone through some of the toughest health problems and some of the toughest family problems I’ve ever seen someone go through and she’s come out on top through...
  7. brodav9@thicket

    is AI misleading people from the truth of Christianity?

    This video is revealing how that the questions asked about God are answered by non christians and are not the answers we would give out of the bible. If you want bible answers at least go to the bible but unfortunately the seekers for truth do not know the world will not give...
  8. Reana

    Connections within the Bible

    What are some connections we can see all throughout the Bible? Let's deepen each our knowledge all together! Also, I am leading some Bible studies on Zoom with some other brothers and sisters regarding this topic! Let me know if you'd be interested and I will be happy to share more info! God...
  9. Tranquil Bondservant

    Sharing some helpful maps for Bible Study (or study in general)

    As somebody who finds visual stimulus helpful for retaining information and thus finds maps incredibly useful, I thought I'd share some handy maps for Bible study. I've found that when listening to The Bible on audiobook having a map on hand can help create a mental image of what's going on and...
  10. J

    Evidence for hell

    Hi, The topic of hell came up at a meal time with my family a while back. My Dad being on the fence when it comes to Christianity, challenged me to see whether I could find anything online about there being evidence for hell and to send him what I found. I have only recently got round to...
  11. Christ2132

    Does the Bible contain the latin word "virtus" (virtue)?

    Hello all together, I am looking for Bible passages which contain the latin expression "virtus" - does such a passage exist? I'd be really thankful if anyone could help me. God bless you
  12. Damian78

    Finding a Bible study teacher

    Hello, I am looking for a bible study teacher to do one on one lessons with (in person). I hope for the teacher to know everything in the Bible from the history to the understanding of the parables as I want to learn everything. I hope for the teacher to be located in Melbourne, Victoria...
  13. YahuahSaves

    The Torah Code: A 3,000 Year Old Ancient Map

    Not sure if I can fully take this at face value because of this person's beliefs, it is interesting though. what say you?
  14. stars1777

    How can I stop thinking about the unforgivable sin day and night?

    I keep thinking about the unforgivable sin day and night. I keep thinking about it so much and it's not OCD or demonic attacks but just an obsession about it because I have nothing to do. Like I have nothing to do all day and no work. It's just constantly thinking about the unforgivable sin. I...
  15. TylerBibleThumper

    I need healing urgently.

    If you would be so kind so as to pray to the LORD Jesus to heal me? I would really appreciate it.
  16. katescreates

    Illustrated Bible?

    Hello everyone, I am a Christian studying BA Illustration and I wondered if I could get people's thoughts on an illustrated bible targeted towards young adults. It struck me that there were millions of bible stories with pictures for younger children, but as soon as you hit the teens, that's it-...
  17. JoesphD

    Hello all - check out our audio visual Bible

    My wife and I have been recording an audio / visual Bible. Let me know how you like it . Dave Audio Visual Bible - Genesis 1 [Calming Sounds & Visuals: Montauk, NY Sunset ]']
  18. stars1777

    How can I overcome these crazy doubts about Christianity?

    Please don't get mad or laugh at me because this is serious and I feel like garbage about this. So in my religion, it's said that Jesus is the good guy and God is the good person as well. However, I started having doubts that Jesus is who he says he is. I started having doubts that Jesus is the...
  19. octopus.021

    Good Bible interpretation websites/books, please!

    Hello everyone! Just wondering if you have any websites (or books) that interpret almost all Bible verses, stories, history, etc. in detail. I would prefer more catholic/orthodox/anglican/evangelical/lutheran interpretation if possible. Thank you so much!