1. Aviel

    Gaining : The Maturity

    Reader... - When a person comes to God by Faith in Christ... God gives them "Christ's righteousness" as "the imputed righteousness of Christ'. This is the "Divine Exchange", whereby Jesus takes your sin, as "God hath made Jesus to BE .Sin....for us". In other words, Jesus becomes our sin, as...
  2. Aviel

    Right Faith...vs...Wrong Faith

    Reader... God requires faith in Christ before He gives you HIS "Gift of Salvation." Jesus said..>"all that believe in me".....>He never said..>>"all that i cause to Believe will believe"., as that is John Calvinism's demonic twist on it. Jesus is not a Calvinist. Listen and think.... = If...
  3. walter45

    What is your short story or one sentence, Why Do You love God?

    I am Thankful to God, for the wonderful design of the human body and all it can do!
  4. L

    The Book of Revelation (eis tous aiōnas tōn aiōnōn) contra Universalism

    Universalists I have come across commonly state that the lake of fire is not a place of eternal duration but of temporal duration. It may last an age and then those in it will get out as they have come to faith in Christ because the fire is not a punishment but a correction. John uses “forever...
  5. SamoIsus

    Meditations on Word of God - Bible verses/quotes with beautiful music

    I made music videos with Bible quotes. Here are my two first works: Meditation on Word of God - Psalm 96:5 Listen to this beautiful music and meditate on Word of God. For all the gods of the nations are idols, but the LORD made the heavens. - Ps 96:5 Meditation on Word of God - Psalm...
  6. SamoIsus

    Christian Bible Coloring Paint by Number

    Do you like coloring for adults? I like it so much! I prefer so-called "paint by numbers" kind of this. There are many apps/games for mobile phones, I installed "Bible Coloring". It is amazing. Here is my first work: You can post yours also! Let's play! :) ;)
  7. bradley5201

    Pray for success and everything goes well in my life of faith

    Gracious Father, I approach you with gratitude for the opportunity to share my podcast with the world. I humbly seek your divine favor and guidance for its success. Bless the words spoken, that they may resonate with listeners' hearts. May the podcast reach those in need of inspiration and...
  8. AlexB23

    Archeologists discover materials deposited by water on Mt. Ararat

    Scientists may have found evidence of human activity, and flooding that happened on Mount Ararat, pointing to the flood which happened during Noah's time, dated to about 5500 BC to 3000 BC according to Popular Mechanics: Archaeologists Think They Might Have Found the Real Noah’s Ark Woo...
  9. Aviel

    JESUS : Is our Sanctification

    - Jesus is our Sanctification. Reader....are you born again, or just water baptized and religious? Jesus said..>"You must be born again"......and water can't do that for you. So, when we are "In Christ", we are sanctified..... as Christ is our Sanctification. 1 Corinthians 1:30 And here...
  10. Aviel

    The Origin : Of Sin

    - Reader... Sin is a literal manifestation of the Carnal or "adamic nature". By "one man's sin", SIN, = entered into the world and "death by sin" came upon all humans. But that is not where sin originated...... See, all SIn is , "as rebellion"..... So, that leads to the original Rebel...
  11. Tranquil Bondservant

    Bible Discussion and Reflection Thread

    I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread about the Bible where we can post some verses or reflection on Scripture. Feel free to do it in whatever manner you like, whether it just be free form mediation on the truth of God found in His Word or posting the parts of the Bible you've been...
  12. ByTheSpirit

    How to build up our faith

    So I was thinking of ways to encourage my brothers and sisters in their walk with God, and this will be one such feeble attempt to do so. Luke 17:5 (BSB) The apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith!” How many times have I asked the Lord to increase my faith when I felt like I was...
  13. The Hour IS AT HAND

    New Pirate Bible? Have yall seen this? It was generated using AI and translated from KJV claiming to maintain the original meaning! Seems pretty ridiculous to me...
  14. W

    Query about Tenant

    Hi Team, I am a Christian. Recently I purchased a new house by the grace of God and Christ. I purchased using home loan. I need to pay EMI. When I try to rent the house, some of my Christian friends were telling me that I need to rent the house only to Christians. They tell as that God...
  15. Aviel

    Going to Heaven : How to do it.

    - Going to Heaven.... Reader.. Christianity is spiritual. "God is A Spirit". The bible teaches us that the things we can see are going to go away, turn into nothing, and the things we can't see are ETERNAL. YOU are a spirit being, who is living inside a currently aging toward death, body...
  16. EclipseEventSigns

    The Gospels Codex from 78 AD - where is it?

    In the early 1700's a librarian from the Vatican discovered an ancient codex containing the 4 Gospels of the New Testament written in Aramaic. On its last page the scribe made a note that it had been completed on December 18th, 78 AD. This information was forgotten until around 1889 when a...
  17. Aviel


    We understand that the Law and the 10 Commandments are good. They are Holy. They are Pure. But, because they are Holy, they show us that we are not.... as that is the main purpose of the Law and 10 Commandments. They are a Spiritual Mirror, a HOLY Mirror that reflect God's Righteousness...
  18. T

    What is the meaning of Blasphemy?

    I know the Biblical meaning of blasphemy is different than its meaning nowadays. Curious if anyone is really knowledgeable on this subject? What does it exactly mean in the Bible? 1. Does intent have to be involved? 2. If it is meant to cause injury, can it only be done around others?
  19. J

    Just as I am without one plea

    Behold NOW is the accepted time Behold NOW is the day of Salvation If you had to do anything first before coming to Christ to be saved, then now is not the accepted time. Come to Christ as you are. Feel free to watch the short message of hope below: Short message of hope
  20. T

    Word Translation

    Can someone tell me with complete confidence what ἐλέγξει means in John 16:8? The word can be translated to have multiple meanings and it’s sorta breaking my brain as to what John 16:9-11 means then.