1. Aviel

    Going to Heaven : How to do it.

    - Going to Heaven.... Reader.. Christianity is spiritual. "God is A Spirit". The bible teaches us that the things we can see are going to go away, turn into nothing, and the things we can't see are ETERNAL. YOU are a spirit being, who is living inside a currently aging toward death, body...
  2. EclipseEventSigns

    The Gospels Codex from 78 AD - where is it?

    In the early 1700's a librarian from the Vatican discovered an ancient codex containing the 4 Gospels of the New Testament written in Aramaic. On its last page the scribe made a note that it had been completed on December 18th, 78 AD. This information was forgotten until around 1889 when a...
  3. Aviel


    We understand that the Law and the 10 Commandments are good. They are Holy. They are Pure. But, because they are Holy, they show us that we are not.... as that is the main purpose of the Law and 10 Commandments. They are a Spiritual Mirror, a HOLY Mirror that reflect God's Righteousness...
  4. T

    What is the meaning of Blasphemy?

    I know the Biblical meaning of blasphemy is different than its meaning nowadays. Curious if anyone is really knowledgeable on this subject? What does it exactly mean in the Bible? 1. Does intent have to be involved? 2. If it is meant to cause injury, can it only be done around others?
  5. J

    Just as I am without one plea

    Behold NOW is the accepted time Behold NOW is the day of Salvation If you had to do anything first before coming to Christ to be saved, then now is not the accepted time. Come to Christ as you are. Feel free to watch the short message of hope below: Short message of hope
  6. T

    Word Translation

    Can someone tell me with complete confidence what ἐλέγξει means in John 16:8? The word can be translated to have multiple meanings and it’s sorta breaking my brain as to what John 16:9-11 means then.
  7. Chaleb

    No 2nd chance in Hell.

    - Reader, There is no 2nd Chance to go to heaven, found in Hell. And its the Devil's lie to teach that Hell can be escaped, or that its temporary. Being found in Hell after you die, is proof that you are eternally separated from God, which is why you are there. Let me show you why you will...
  8. Chaleb

    Transformed vs Reformed

    Reader, In this world, there is religion. Religion is a man made process whereby you try to reform your behavior so that it reflects some idea you have of what it means to be good or even righteous. Religions reflect what some carnal self righteous man decided, and wrote down for you to...
  9. Chaleb

    The : Renewed Mind

    - In Romans 12:2 Paul tells us that we are to renew our mind. This means.... the BORN AGAIN.....are to come into the right understanding, regarding revelation knowledge, of who we have become, (Born again) as = the "righteousness of God in Christ". Paul teaches that when we have this right...
  10. Chaleb

    Born Again = RIGHTEOUS

    - Reader, An unbeliever is "under the law" := shows you that you are a sinner, with no Righteousness. The Law and the Commandments can't give you any righteousness. They can only demand from you what you don't possess of yourself. That is the "curse of the Law". You need Christ as your...
  11. Chaleb

    1 John 3:9...... not 1 John 1:9

    - 1 John 3:9 : is the born again spirit having become : "the new creation in Christ". This is to be "in Christ", and there is no sin found there. However, renewing your mind, so that Romans 8:1 is your spiritual reality, is something different. Romans 8:1 says there is no condemnation on you...
  12. Chaleb

    Go : and sin no more

    - Paul teaches us that the born again are """dead to sin and alive to God."""" IF you are just water baptized, or similar, and were lied to about "water washes your sin away"... then reader, go to the Cross, and receive Jesus as your Savior, by Now, How did that happen?.... How...
  13. Chaleb

    How to put on : The Armor of God

    - Paul tells us to put on the whole armor of God. Ephesians 6. So. reader....who's armor is it? A.) ITs Gods. So this means its Spiritual, and you can't see it or provide it for yourself. What does that mean? It means : 1.) you don't work for it, 2.) and you don't strive to have it, 3.)...
  14. Chaleb

    What you don't know : = Keeps you confessing sin.

    - On "Christian" Forums ... you alway find an army of people who want to tell you about their confessing sin and trying to keep the law. So, If you pay attention to Threads and posts, over time, you'll discover that the people who "sin and confess and repeat", also try to bring the Law to...
  15. Chaleb

    Sinless : Saints of God

    - What is the difference between a Christian, and an unbeliever? There are a few. You, if you are born again, and not just water baptized (sprinkled) and religious) are going to heaven, and they are not. You are born again, and they are not. They have their sin, and Christ has all of yours...
  16. Reader Antonius

    New Resource for Catholics on the Study of Sacred Scripture!!

    שלום, Ειρήνη, Pax! Dear brethren & sistren, One of my longtime heroes, Dave Armstrong, a Catholic apologist & evangelist of many years & voluminous work, has recently published a new book: The Word Set in Stone: How Archaeology, Science and History Back Up the Bible. I've yet to read it...
  17. Chaleb

    = Born again

    What does it mean to be born again.. 1.) Your sins are on Christ because "God made JESUS to be sin for us, who knew no sin"..... And God's Righteousness has become yours, as you have become "the Righteousness of God in Christ"....."made Righteous". This is : "Salvation". This is "Redemption"...
  18. Chaleb

    The Real : Walk of FAITH

    1.) We know that we can't please God by works, law, or commandment keeping. So, all of that is not discipleship. Paul said. "as many as be PERFECT",.. "the fullness of the Stature of Christ". See that? That is referring to "the mind of Christ", and "walking in the Spirit". IN other words, that...
  19. Chaleb

    How To Have : Victory

    - Paul teaches that : "Christ always gives (us, him) the Victory". What Victory? What is Paul's context? Listen.. "Victory", is deliverance from and over .... the world, your flesh, and the all times. At all times.... So, Why dont most believers exist in that Victory that Christ...
  20. V

    To all those who have same sex attraction.

    I’m writing this to comfort those who struggle with this affliction myself included, This is not who you are, neither did God intend for you to have these feelings in the first place. Everybody is born with a sin nature, this causes to be spiritually separated from God and to do evil things...