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Blog Entries

  1. Black & White

    I only dream in black & white, guess that is where the best things lie. This helps me live in abrupt change, waiting for truth to filter into dreams. Not that I rely on winks, But some dreams caress, objectively, and impressions drive us to the Word to deeply embrace this Spirit surge. Now I lay me down to sleep, colors of the day into black & white creep, and if these aid a better life, I ask the Lord, "Let these dreams revive."
  2. Obesity

    I'm obese ...ouch. 112 kg and 174 cm now at age 18 I was 70 kg and 174 cm. At least I haven't grown taller! But the reality hit me yesterday when my partner videod the dog and me at the park. My profile side on .......ouch. When I look in the mirror at home I never look at myself side on. Just front on I look fine :) It is getting harder for me to exercise without pain and side effects as I age. That sounds like a pathetic excuse I know. I have a physical job too but unfortunately a...
  3. Losing The Battle

    Too many impulsive thoughts to keep up with. I started feeling nauseous a few minutes ago, although it might have been carsickness too. I've lost a check again, I lose everything. I remember at our youth thing the speaker saw my bible and was impressed it had notes (with the book not mine) and two lexicons (one Hebrew one Greek) and told me to study it well. I read a chapter every day (or try to) but it usually ends up being on the YouVersion on my phone. I'm feeling very defeated today.
  4. Desires Of The Holy Father

    FROM THE FATHER 1. READ MY WORD 2. GIVE ME YOUR FAITH 3. PRAY Thou well intention - others ideas - are distracting you from Me. I Light your path through My Spirit and My Word - where you will find My Peace the others path will not bring you My Peace + this is how you know it is not from Me
  5. Bpd

    I feel having BPD has hurt me alot in my life and caused alot of suffering for me. I have been treated some for BPD and it helped me alot to know I am acceptable and good. I also understand now that I dont have to be perfect to be loved. I just wanted to ask for prayer that God continue to heal me from BPD.
  6. Letter To The Faithful - Be Happy !

    Be Happy ! Be happy not in the world but in Christ. For His substitution spared us from the Father’s wrath. Christ being our propitiation for the sin that would have kept us in a whirlwind of darkness and turmoil. Be Happy!
  7. Today

    Hi God Was rough day at work. Feel not very good but feel too miserable to even cry at the moment. Need Your help with coworkers and feeling insecure and all of it. From me. ..........................................................................
  8. Rest

    And if Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin; but the Spirit is life because of righteousness - Romans 8:10 (KJV) Inter-spirit, You came forth, Intra-spirit, I was born. There is no apologetic for living, though once dead, other than declaring creation has been dressed all through and over me, fruit observers see, otherwise, I would be ashamed; it would be no more than word games, but Inter-spirit, Jesus came. Intra-spirit, He in I, and I in Him! You're right, there's deadness...
  9. I Cant Believe I Have To Watch What I Eat At 25 :o

    As I passed by my bathroom mirror, I noticed my mid section getting thicker LOL... And I remember it was only 2 years ago that I could eat whatever I want,whenever I want and not gain a pound lol... Now i don't know how to go about losing weight and keeping it off, yeah I can loose weight.. But how would I keep it off? How many times a day do I have to eat to make sure not to gain weight? And what can I eat and not eat? To me that's the tricky part Its funny, I never thought of have...
  10. Endless Loop

    :( Things get better, they get worse, better again.... My laptop doesn't work at school, it might need an update but the windows update in settings will not fully load. My new Bai (love most of their stuff except coconut) lemonade tea drink tasted like sickness. I am still worried about the mark of the beast and the unpardonable sin and struggling with doubts about my salvation and my faith. Good thing my car was made with mirrors that turn multiple ways so the mirror I messed up pulling...
  11. Fidelity And Loyalty

    I really admire that in devoted Christians. And in marriages too of course . People who never say an ill word about their partner. Never tempted to spice up an otherwise dull conversation, with some hot gossip about their partner's bad habits. I am just starting to realise now that it is a one way street in most cases. The creator loves, the created is indifferent. The created never wakes up to the awesomeness of being loved by the creator. That is the key to igniting our relationship with...
  12. A Tiny Miracle.

    When I tell you this is crazy..,this is crazy..with a capital C. This has happened to me only once in my life,,and it didn't even happen to me but my mom. It was when we were at the store..my mom really needed some money... And there was nothing in the change holder..I saw there was nothing there..but when I lifted my head...then looked back down there was a 20. I didn't go anywhere or move.,so no one could have slipped anything by me without seeing.. So now, I'm in the car, I was...
  13. Demon Possession

    I feel I was demon possessed when I was younger because when I was younger I prayed to the Devil that my friends long hair would not grow anymore because I was very jealous of her hair and I prayed that the Devil make her hair not growing invisible. I came to terms with the fact recently that I was demon possessed in my youth. I am 29 now. Do you feel that my praying to the Devil in my teen years caused me to be kidnapped by Devil worshipers later on. I think it did. Please respond.
  14. Christian Birth: 1, 2, 3, 4. Check.

    The Normal Christian Birth 1. Repent. You rethink the way your life is going. You see that living for yourself isn't as satisfying as it used to be. You show fruits of repentance by making an effort of turning away from your old life and bad habits. 2. Believe. You acknowledge that Jesus Christ was a real historical person, that He is God the Son and that He came to earth and died shedding His blood to cover your personal sins and save you from yourself. 3. Believers Baptism. You...
  15. False Promise Of Strange

    a poem about the solipsistic, nihilism that was created 50 years ago and where it stands today with technology and the return to neopaganism. I'd like to think about all the wonderful fantasies prompted through the colors of a beautiful abstraction sold to me to realize in my imagination even the unstirred emotions of someone yet untouched unlike me or someone who can see the value in such sensibilities could be devoured by lies of a false promise of a strange benevolence of embracing a...