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  1. What Things?

    After Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection, he appeared to two puzzled disciples who were walking toward Emmaus. The Apostle Luke describes the encounter (notice the verses that I bold): LUKE 24:14-20 14 They were talking with each other about everything that had happened. 15 As they talked and discussed these things with each other, Jesus himself came up and walked along with them; 16 but they were kept from recognizing him. 17 He asked them, "What are you discussing together as you walk...
  2. The Woman Who Did Not Love God

    The woman who did not love God (Written September 15, 2015) "I don’t love God" the woman informed me. "All my life I have suffered, been abused, abandoned and now the only love of my life is gone". She started to cry and then looked at me and said “why me?”, then she became so quiet that it worried me. “Why are you here” I responded. “If you are seeking an easy answer I can’t give it to you. Just because I am a monk I don’t have some sort of elevated answer to the awful tragedies that...
  3. New Developments

    Spiritual direction comes in intervals if sought.
  4. A Mercy Balm

    Lord, You are greater than our conscience. You have gifted us Messiah’s mind. The summing of our fears, guilt, and chanced ifs are by the Spirit nullified. Firstly, your forgiveness fashions ‘round our hearts a mercy balm. Lastly, we cannot merit the ransom You paid by heart, foot, brow and palm. When the mangling of accusation seeks to steal hope of New Life, we remember that Resurrection and Ascension give us rights. Boldly, as one Body we approach your Throne with joy and awe,...
  5. An Interesting Encounter

    An interesting encounter (Written in September 2014) Working in a retreat house that is in close proximity to a large city has it benefits as well as challenges. People come here for spiritual rest and renewal and from time to time there are those who arrive who are looking for a safe place. For the former group, we are set up to help, for the latter, it can be a little more difficult. Early last week I was on my way to the front office. It was just before 7 AM and I was trying to get...
  6. Forgiveness: Finding Freedom Of Heart

    Forgiveness: Finding freedom of heart There is a saying that is often used about the need for the military. It goes like this; “freedom isn’t free”. This concept can be used for many areas of our lives if we wish to un-clutter both our outer and inner selves. Many people struggle with discipline, I know that I do, yet without it, freedom is not possible. The freedom to do whatever we want at any time is in reality the exact opposite of true freedom. When you look at someone playing the...
  7. Reminder

    Jesus set an example of what was expected of us according to His Gospel of the Kingdom. He did nothing of His own accord but only the will of the Father just as we would be expected to do when God establishes His governance over us, once again living among us (thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in Heaven). Perhaps if the focus was put back on Jesus' only Gospel, the Gospel of the Kingdom, then people would stop thinking about 'what's in it for us' and making it a priority,...
  8. It Is Difficult To Exist

    It is difficult to exist If we do not face our fears and develop inner strength, then our weakness will take over;we will respond with implosion or explosion. It becomes part of the ongoing destructive situation. It is difficult to exist, to stand out, and to be self-aware. Within our inner world, the more we are aware of it, can cause anxiety and lead to self-loathing. True humility shines a light on the problem in our lives. Strange to say it seldom scopes out those around us but...
  9. Struggling With Inner Barriers

    Struggling with Inner Barriers A few years ago, my good friend Gail, as she was walking in the woods near where our green cemetery is, found a stone in the form of a heart. It was large covering much of the palm of my hand when held. She wanted me to have it. I have it on my prayer altar in my room. I found it intriguing because it for me, represents my own inner journey to overcome the stoniness of my own heart. I have found that there are barriers that have been set up in my soul that I...
  10. Universal Healthcare For Everyone Who Contributes

    Anyone wanting benefits would have to volunteer time at Universal Healthcare clinics in some capacity.
  11. There Are Explanations

    We are in need, not God, while God provides, and we could respond rightly.
  12. The Path Of Celibacy And Marriage (we All Carry The Monk Archetype In Our Souls)

    The Path of Celibacy and Marriage (We all carry the monk archetype in our souls) What does it mean to be alone before God? The human situation I believe is one of deep aloneness. Perhaps one of the reasons that solitude is avoided is because this self-evident truth has to be faced. Even if one is a strong introvert, solitude may be difficult. For being alone, one can still fill one’s life with projects, many of them good, helpful to others, and life-affirming for the one involved in them....
  13. The 7 Stages Of Hospital Treatments

    Before I begin this, I just want to say that I am sad for all people who are ill, who are suffering, and who have lost loved ones to death as a result of all viral infections and any other diseases, illnesses, disabilities, and/or injuries. And I also grieve for those whose loved ones are suffering the ill effects and/or death as a result of experimental vaccines. I hurt for them all! Yesterday I read a meme on social media that was titled, “The 7 Stages of Severe Covid-19.” But as I read...
  14. God At Work.

    In service this morning, during the blessing, our lay minister asked that the Holy spirit would provide us all with a work which we could share joyfully with others. It reminded me of something that happened the day before... I work for my parents business and had completed some work for them on Saturday. I also had agreed to look after their dog for the night, as they were seeing friends. During the drive to my parents home, the chief executive of the charity Christians against...
  15. 2. Apophatic Theology, Doctrinal Development And Schisms

    Entry 2 in the Supplementary Catechism An explanation of the use of Apophatic Theology and Apophatic Language, also known as the Via Negativa (way of negation) to refer to the revealed attributes of God, who is otherwise unknowable, and how some divine attributes can only be expressed using Apophatic language. Also, a discussion of the problems inherent in the concept of Doctrinal Development.