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    Lost wife

    I haven't logged on in 4 years and something was telling me to check this forum board for some reason.. Izmouse, my heart goes out to you. I'm sure she is not acting like the woman you married, and while she can probably quote any verse of the bible to try to justify her actions, the two...
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    Goodbye, Farewell, Ciao, Saiyonara

    Thank you again Angel4Truth, I want it to be publically known that you have been trying your hardest and have to some extent have healed my existing pain... I just don't want to cause any more.
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    Request for Assistance

    I'm a sucker for helping people at times... maybe try going to a can recycling depo and seeing if you can pull the tabs off of the cans they can't recycle.
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    My Brother In Law's Funeral was Yesterday

    Sometimes the most healthiest thing can be to cry.
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    Goodbye, Farewell, Ciao, Saiyonara

    Over the past years, I have come to the conclusion that I do not fit to this forum and its legalisms. I admit at times I can be rather rough but I do try to control myself and my words, this obviously has not been enough. I try to stand for what I believe is right and I admit that sometimes I...
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    Second Life

    Which is why big corporations like adidas, and a variety of universities have taken interest into developing a virtual world... Ohh wait, uhh. :P If you want to sit and num your brain playing some random game, SL is not for you, if you want to spend sometime learning and developing in a virtual...
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    I wish I had someone to talk to. Feeling unsure.

    When choosing the leader of my nation, town or state. I don't care how 'mean' or 'nice' they are, what I care about are their policies and how they are to be enected. I'm more then sure these sorts of debates are deliberatly held to take the focus off of their integrity and to focus more on...
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    Ethics of opposing the Creation Science Museum

    In a capitalistic and democratic society there is no reason why this building can't be built if people are willing to put their own money towards it (as wasted as that money seems).
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    Political Ethics

    I would like to see leaders be subjected to an EQ test, for the pure fact that I don't want a leader 'spazzing out' when the country needs him/her the most.
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    "Is dating before you are ready to get married wrong?"

    I think the entities involved should be the ones to decide if they should date or not. It's not our place to choose what we think is best for them, it is our place to trust they will choose what is best for them and support them with whatever they choose, otherwise it could be considered...
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    Child removed from adoptive parent

    Because you are God. I'd be calling something else if it didn't break the forum rules. Gipper seems to be supplying enough red herrings to feed an army.
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    Abolishing an Evil Entity who torments children

    If they still did I think we would have a moral obligation to have them removed from the ears and eyes of children. Moral obligation in the sense of common decency.
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    Pope saves babies from limbo

    I believe babies like all other humans are given a choice when they die. Their baptismal status is relatively irrelevant considering no one can get to heaven but through Jesus. It needs to be a choice not an action, clean the inside of the cup so that the outside will be clean.
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    Pro-Life Protesting Behavior

    I'm hoping to hear from some people who have protested under the banner of pro-life and that they are just as horrified as I am. I would have no issue with them approaching her in a civil manner, maybe sitting her down and having some tea or coffee and talking to her about the choice she is...
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    Abortion is wrong!

    Paraphrasing, a citation or a quotation would have been nice, rather then just saying that a source supports your claim. At the moment you haven't actually shown Wikipedia to state anything. A debated topic does not mean that any side of the topic is correct...