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Trump falsely claims Michigan illegally sent ballots to all voters

Discussion in 'General Politics' started by tulc, May 20, 2020.

  1. tulc

    tulc loves "SO'S YER MOM!! posts!

    PolitiFact - Trump falsely claims Michigan illegally sent ballots to all voters
    tulc(this is President Trump's 122nd pants on fire) :wave:
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  2. jgarden

    jgarden Senior Veteran


    Trump falsely claims Michigan illegally sent ballots to all voters

    Given that this President will be voting by mail-in ballot to Florida, Trump appears oblivious to his

    Apparently the American public are expected to put their faith in the integrity of the President, but Trump believes that its the electorate that can't be trusted!
  3. The Barbarian

    The Barbarian Crabby Old White Guy

    United States
    That's the standard republican position; "If we let every citizen vote, it would be a disaster."

    For them, anyway.

    Decades ago, Patrick Moynahan, staring down America's enemies in the U.N., blasted them for demanding that the US unilaterially cut all ties with Puerto Rico.

    "The United States will not take direction on democracy from regimes that don't even trust their own citizens enough to let them vote in free elections."

    There was much feigned outrage and pearl-clutching, but Moynahan made his point, drawing a line in the sand. Today, the occupant of the WH makes it clear that we can no longer mock other nations for not trusting their own citizens.
  4. CyberPaladin

    CyberPaladin Veteran

    The real question is what excuse are supporters going give "we miss understood him","he was being sarcastic"," he wanted to see how the liberal media would freak out" or "it was a joke".
    I think they're going go with we "misunderstood him".
  5. jgarden

    jgarden Senior Veteran

    This President is on the public record placing his trust in the denials of Putin and other foreign adversaries in their attempts to influence American elections, despite the confirmation by the America's 17 intelligence agencies!

    Trump remains outspoken, however, when it comes to repeated accusations directed against his fellow American citizens attempting to subvert their voting system, despite the lack of proof to support these suspicions!
    Last edited: May 24, 2020 at 8:38 PM
  6. Emsmom1

    Emsmom1 Member

    United States