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Bill Johnson, Randy Clark

Discussion in 'Spirit-Filled / Charismatic' started by ByTheSpirit, Feb 9, 2014.

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  1. Frogster

    Frogster Galatians is the best!

    Thanks Mike, I tend to ask questions based on popularity, if I hear or read a repetitive thought, I tend to think it might be valid, so the repentance thing for others seems to be common knowledge, so I'll await, maybe others know, but thanks.

    hmmmm...the cloud sounds very unsual and strange, yes, I know about the one in the wilderness, but again, I would be cautious before I stuck my hand in anything, but that is just me.

    Intersting though, that the cloud seems biased, it just seems to be where those into the hyper side of our Charismatic movement are. I have been in alot of churches where the extreme, or odd things do not happen, and wow, these churches are zealous, yet no clouds. Interesting, thanks again.
  2. Messy

    Messy Well-Known Member

  3. MikeBigg

    MikeBigg Member

    The cloud at Bethel seemed different to what Randy described he'd seen in his meetings. The Bethel "cloud" is on youtube. Being honest, it doesn't impress me, but I wasn't there. At least in the wilderness the cloud had a purpose.

    I hear what you're saying in that. Odd things have happened in the past with moves of God - I'm thinking of the flames seen over Azuza Street which don't happen much elsewhere. I can't explain it, but I know people (as in have known them well for 20 odd years) who regularly see glimpses of angels in their house. people I know don't. Does that make them mis-guided or unusual. I suspect the later.

  4. Willie T

    Willie T St. Petersburg Vineyard

    What do you mean, Paul? You say Jesus knocked you down, and then spoke with you? And, blinded you???????

    And, Peter...... Honestly! You claim a sheet full of animals came down from heaven????????

    And, John.... Oh, John. I don't know where to begin. We may need to get you to a shrink!
  5. Andrea411

    Andrea411 Guest

    Haven't had time to read all they say… Andrew Strom has gone off his wagon, lost his first love and seems embittered…. I have followed him for years, loved many of his messages and he has a heart for God. Why he insists on spending ALL his time going after others I don't know. I pray he will be set free…. and minister life. I have honestly tried to see and hear what he says but it is just more of same, I went on his site and found I was banned. I only ever sent one email questioning his focus on error and not balancing it with the message of love and deliverance?? I'm sorry but even if I were really wrong, why would you ban someone that needed the truth… it wasn't like I said anything in public or was nasty… quite the opposite. Strom introduced me to L.Ravenhill (whom I love)…. but if you ban all your detractors and only focus on error yourself?? What is that? Thats not the scriptural teaching I see from Christ….. or Paul?? So I think he is under his own delusion, that is not an endorsement for his enemies just my thoughts on Strom.
    I know people who go to KC IHOP… they love the Lord and as far as getting too involved, that is a season, hopefully in the life of every Christian, and for many it is their life. I know someone whose fiancé' went and never returned, she was broken hearted but was married two years later and she is very happy, her parents approve of this guy, and they are a tight family… so it may have been an answer to prayer all the way around.

    That said, love the site as a whole, will probably spend much time there…. really disturbing to see the divisions in the Charismatic circles but God uses all things for His glory and corrections, Whom the Lord loves He chastises (geez when do we ever hear that scripture anymore), are to our benefit and should never produce bitterness but always make us re-examine ourselves.

    God bless, andrea
  6. Messy

    Messy Well-Known Member

    I read the ebook, the last part about former revivals was good, that there Always was a real move of God and then there came counterfeits.
    I went to Toronto and that was from God and good fruit, but the last time I went they let a psychiater speak, which for me turned into a personal disaster. They don't test anyone, the leader of the revival in Wales tested things.
    I told them that Rick Joyner was a knight of Malta, they just invited him, the counsellors had his books, no, of course he was not.
  7. LilLamb219

    LilLamb219 The Lamb is gone Supporter

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    Closing thread at OP's request.

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