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  1. octopus.021

    Good Bible interpretation websites/books, please!

    Hello everyone! Just wondering if you have any websites (or books) that interpret almost all Bible verses, stories, history, etc. in detail. I would prefer more catholic/orthodox/anglican/evangelical/lutheran interpretation if possible. Thank you so much!
  2. U

    "The Book of Pastoral Rule" - St Gregory the Great (review)

    Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ, After completely finishing the reading of the Bible (the Bible in a year - Ascension podcast), I have been interested in how God's Word has been inspired through out the two millenniums. I am interested to see how the Canon of Scripture has been...
  3. Allen of the Cross

    How to pray better for the gospel, missions and missionaries?

    I found this lovely book called Operation World a while back. It's like a prayer guide for all the nations of the earth. I'm just wondering if there are any other great resources to use. I'd like to learn more about missions. Id also appreciate any book recommendations on prayer. Thanks!
  4. M

    Would welcome a review...

    ...of my book "House Church: A Survival Guide" :) It's in ebook form and can be read online or downloaded as a PDF or EPUB file from buildplant.org Thanks! Cheers, Mitch Tulloch (a.k.a. "Old Vineyard Guy")
  5. J

    Editing Finished

    I just finished the final editing pass on my first novel! It's a bit crazy, I'll admit—an inspirational Christian murder mystery in space. And if that isn't odd enough, the character races are rather...allegorical. Ugh. I'm shaking. Anyhow, everything is set up to go live with it except for the...
  6. Broken Fence

    The Last President

    Ingersoll Lockwood wrote a play in 1900 called The Last President. Which shows the unrest were seeing now. Baron Trump is also a character in child story series. Baron Trump novels - Wikipedia Ingersoll Lockwood - Wikipedia...
  7. Bonface Khatete

    Christian book writer- Found My way here

    Hello friends, My name is Bonface. I am a Christian book writer. I come here to find inspiration and to inspire. I hope I can get new readers to review my books. To see the kind of books I write you can visit this page Doing God's Will In Your Youth, an Ebook by Bonface Khatete Thank you.
  8. G

    Remove humans, and... animals fight over who is next?

    Hi there, So I am not saying we don't care for animals, we do, but the day will come when we are gone, what will happen to them? I don't want to suggest we are vain, but are animals merely going to fight one another - or are they going to fight over one another over who is next to be where...
  9. I

    What was God's intent in Rev. chapters 4 & 5?

    There is MUCH disagreement on what God was intending us to learn from these two chapters that are the context of the first seals. Do they show timing? Few believe they do. Did John see the real throne room of 95 AD - or a vision of the throne room. Can we tell? If a vision, what is the TIME...
  10. JesusYeshuaisLord

    Oh no I bought a old earth apologetics book!

    Am looking for advice from christians who have read Hugh Ross' book 'Improbable Planet' and christians who hold Genesis 1 as literal days. Should I read this book? I thought it was a book about how fine tuned the universe is but it is a book by someone who holds the belief that our universe...
  11. catcher2000

    Just published my book!

    I just recently published my new book Essentials for Cultivating Passionate Volunteers and Leaders. It took a while but it came out in October and is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble online. It is amazing how all the people who mentored me and all my experiences I have had in ministry...
  12. EvangAlived

    History of the Reformation by J. H. Merle D'Aubigne

    The History of the Reformation! I am almost done with this series, and I am on the last book (powerful, inspiring, saddening, maddening, rejoicing, valour, betrayal, scandal, victory, royalty, intrigue, love, awesome works of God and mighty deliveries, special individuals, Martin Luther against...
  13. HiddenLotus


    I was looking around for some new books and found some theology books on amazon and was wondering is it worth the read? Did anyone read them already? Can you point me in the right direction? i found a few actually should i buy? Is anyone willing to read with me? https://amzn.to/2IDsqKG...
  14. AKWarrior

    Anybody with book publishing connections?

    Surely I'm not the first and certainly won't be the last to request this, but if anybody has a legitimate way to help me get my foot in the door, I would be most grateful. Specifically, I'm seeking representation for mainstream sci-fi/fantasy and mystery/thriller novels in the USA or Canada...
  15. Christsfreeservant

    I'm Writing a Book

    For those of you who don't know me, I've been on CF since 2006. I write on Daily Devotions, under Christian Growth (Christians only). Recently the Lord Jesus has had me open up and talk about my life as the spouse of a sex addict, and now he is leading me to write a book on this subject, and to...
  16. Occams Barber

    Trump book now available online

    WikiLeaks have dumped a pdf copy of the new book about Donald Trump, Fire & Fury, online. It can be accessed at; Fire_and_Fury_-_Michael_Wolff.pdf OB Edit Update Looks like Google Drive have now taken the document down. Link message is: We're sorry. You can't access this item because it is...
  17. umbrabates

    Author seeks Pentacostals to interview for novel about the afterlife

    Hello! I am conducting research for a book about the afterlife. I would like some characters to be Pentecostal. In order to portray Pentecostalism accurately and respectfully, I would like to interview practicing Pentecostals and, hopefully, get an idea of what life is like for you, how you...
  18. W

    A free, "book" that needs suggestions/help! Read it before posting, plz~

    Hello everyone, I am in need of help in writing this, "book". I have written quite a bit in one day. It's focus is on the harvest/labor and the preparation for it as well as a few tips for the spreading of the good seed. It is more-so a motivational book rather than a full on guide though I do...
  19. B

    An Opportunity to Witness to Christians in a Book

    Do you want to be in a book? Do you have a story that can bless Christians? Do you want to share it? You have the option of being anonymous and so do the people that you mention. Hey, now that I've got your attention. I'm helping friends with their newest books. My friends asked me to help them...
  20. A

    The Shadow of His Hand - a fantasy book with Christian themes

    A friend of mine recently wrote his first book, The Shadow of His Hand (The Shadow of His Hand), and I wanted to share it with a wider Christian community. The book is low fantasy book (as the author would describe it) set in a medieval world about a reluctant, lazy hero who stumbles up...