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Featured Why is it a sin to be in an interracial relationship?

Discussion in 'Christian Philosophy & Ethics' started by lexmhll, May 26, 2018.

  1. SPF

    SPF Well-Known Member

    United States
    Actually, he didn't.

    Ironically, the verses just after the one in which you wrongly think Paul was suggesting that say this:

    "For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another. For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. But if ye bite and devour one another, take heed that ye be not consumed one of another. "

    Paul was saying that he wished those people would be cut off from the Church, not that they would cut off their penises.

    Adam Clarke: At first sight it seems as if the apostle was praying for the destruction of the false teachers who had perverted the Churches of Galatia. Mr. Wakefield thought οφελον αποκοψονται might be translated, I wish that they were made to weep; and in his translation of the New Testament the passage stands thus: “I wish that they who are unsettling you may lament it.” I believe the apostle never meant any such thing. As the persons who were breeding all this confusion in the Churches of Galatia were members of that Church, the apostle appears to me to be simply expressing his desire that they might be cut off or excommunicated from the Church. Kypke has given an abundance of examples where the word is used to signify amputating; cutting off from society, office, etc.; excluding. In opposition to the notion of excommunication, it might be asked: “Why should the apostle wish these to be excommunicated when it was his own office to do it?” To this it may be answered: The apostle’s authority was greatly weakened among that people by the influence of the false teachers, so that in all probability he could exercise no ecclesiastical function; he could therefore only express his wish. And the whole passage is so parallel to that, 1Co_5:6, 1Co_5:7, that I think there can be no reasonable doubt of the apostle’s meaning: Let those who are unsettling the Church of Christ in your district be excommunicated; this is my wish, that they should no longer have any place among you.”

    Albert Barnes: That is, as I understand it, from the communion of the church. So far am I, says Paul, from agreeing with them, and preaching the necessity of circumcision as they do, that I sincerely wish they were excluded from the church as unworthy a place among the children of God. For a very singular and monstrous interpretation of this passage, though adopted by Chrysostom, Theodoret, Theophylact, Jerome, Grotius, Rosenmuller, Koppe, and others, the learned reader may consult Koppe on this verse. To my amazement, I find that this interpretation has also been adopted by Robinson in his Lexicon, on the word ἀποκόπτω apokoptō. I will state the opinion in the words of Koppe. “Non modo circumcidant se, sed, si velint, etiam mutilant se - ipsa genitalia resecent.” The simple meaning is, I think, that Paul wished that the authors of these errors and disturbances were excluded from the church.
  2. Vicomte13

    Vicomte13 Well-Known Member

    Because, you see, SPF, I DO have love. I have love for the tens of millions of men, women and children crushed into the dirt, thrown into the sea, whipped, killed and otherwise beaten down by "Christians' empowered by the "Biblical" doctrines of "Mark of Ham" and "Christian" racism and segregations.

    Those people were ravening wolves among the sheep, doing great harm, and they still exist.

    Now, a shepherd can feel a certain compassion for the wolves - the wolves have to eat - and the man can feel a certain sorrow for the state of viper who waits by the trail with poisonous fangs because it can do nothing else.

    Nevertheless, to protect the sheep, the wolves have to be beaten and killed - because they will not stop their ravening nature - and the viper is a viper, you have to cut off its head or it will kill your kids.

    That's the way it is. "Christian" racism, backed by the Bible, supposedly, killed tens of millions of people, and kept them in enforced segregation, in THIS country, in my lifetime.

    I feel sorry for the sinners, sitting there in their trailers steaming with racial hatred, egged on by their pastors with their "Marks of Ham", but I have no pity for, or tolerance of, the evil teachings that these ministers made and that the rubes absorbed. Nor SHOULD I. Nor SHOULD you.

    Your panties are in a wad because I called the scum of the earth out for lying about God and teaching people to hate black people - those very lies and that teaching is what MADE them scum of the earth, it's WHY millions of people died. They were the Nazis of America. Do you get your panties in a wad when people attack Nazis?

    Well, DO YOU? I am wondering.

    You're mad at me for calling ministers who preached FROM THE BIBLE that the oppression and killing of black people was justified because of a "Mark of Ham" that is not there. So, you're mad at me for calling people who made up stuff and called God a racist, evil, satanic and scum of the earth, which they objectively WERE and ARE.

    That's "not Christian" you say. You're very offended at me.
    And what are your feelings about THEM? Or about Hitler and his ilk? Or Stalin and his?
    Do I "Not understand the Gospel", am I a "clanging symbol" for criticizing THOSE beliefs, which were in substance exactly the same thing?

    I haven't missed the heart of the Gospel at all. Real shepherds actually GUARD the flock, and cudgel the wolves, and crush the serpents beside the trail, because wolves and serpents kill sheep and other shepherds alike.

    Why does that offend you?

    Is is that you don't think that Christian racists are vipers? They are.
  3. SPF

    SPF Well-Known Member

    United States
    1)Is racism biblically justified? Absolutely not.
    2)Was black slavery and segregation justifiable by the Scriptures? Absolutely not. In fact, I really am left wondering at times how Christians living during those times were able to morally justify having slaves.
    3) Is there such a think as the "Mark of Ham", and if so, where specifically is that in the Scriptures? Of course not.
    4) Those Christian ministers who taught racism was Biblical, what of their authority to teach anything at all, given how evilly wrong they were about that? I don't actually understand your question based upon the grammar, but I would say that racism is obviously not Biblical, and any so called "authority" that anyone proclaiming to be a Christian possesses to teach such things is based only in their own head.
    5) Was [Is]Christian racism satanic? I'm sure it's probably combination of our flesh and satanic in nature.

    I found it interesting that there was a study done (I'm sure you can google it) where someone compiled the number of fouls that NBA referees called on people from like 1990 to 2005. They found that without question and by a good margin - that white referees were more likely to call fouls on black players, and black referees were more likely to call fouls on white players. Take that for what you will.
  4. SilverBear

    SilverBear Well-Known Member

    not standing up for any sort of racism. Just pointing out facts that you don't happen to like.