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    I would like to answer some of those questions - about origins and end times, but I have a feeling that those words with the check blocks next to them, such as "Futurist" or "Young Earth Creation" are terms that have very specific meanings to specific denominations. Because I don't know those specific meanings, I don't want to mislead by using theological jargon that I don't know, so I'll answer longhand.

    As far as the end-times go, John's Apocalypse tells us that at the end of it all, God's City comes to earth and the sky and land pass away. That hasn't happened yet, obviously, so the end of the world is in the future. I don't know if that makes me a "Futurist" or not, because there are probably bells and whistles attached to that.

    Also, I don't think it matters a fig when the world ends. Truth is, each individual's world is going to end, by death, at some point, and it doesn't really matter whether that death comes about by routine heart attack or being crushed by the debris from Wormwood when it falls from the sky. Dead is dead, and after that, the spirit goes on to the same judgment, regardless of the time, place and manner of one's death. So I don't worry about the end of the world, only about the end of MY world - which is to say my own death - because THAT is the point of decision.

    As far as the Origin of Life goes, I don't think human or animal life has been around for many solar years. I think that Genesis reveals the origins of things, and there is not a lot of time from the 6th Day until now.

    Before the time of the creation of the celestial bodies on the Fourth Day, though, there is no yardstick of time to which we can relate. Therefore, the first three days and part of the fourth are periods of "light" (which is also the Hebrew root for "ordering" of things), but their length is indeterminate and indeterminable...and doesn't matter.

    Politically, I am socially conservative in that I believe that traditional Christian values of lifelong marriage, honesty, are the ways that God pointed out for us to live. I think that God's legal and constitutional structure for Israel - the one and only state he ever set up and ruled directly - is meant as a model for the world, and that the structured charity and debt relaxation of Israel is a moral commandment of mankind that applies to us, as not a penstroke of the Law shall pass away until the end of the world, and Jesus not only didn't reduce the burden of charity, he actually INCREASED it for Christians.

    God ordained a 10% tax, collected by the authorities of ancient Israel, for poverty relief (go and carefully read the purpose of the tithe). He commanded debt release after 7 years, the release of guilt for untried crimes after 7 years, the release even of pagan slaves in the 50th year, he commanded the wealthy to lend to the poor when asked - without expectation of repayment, without demanding excessive collateral, and without grasping or grudging - and he forbade the charging of interest on loans to people who borrowed to survive. He admonished the Kings of Israel who failed to perform these duties.

    None of this law has passed away. Therefore, it is clear that Biblically there is an inescapable duty of government as well as religious charities and private individuals to look after these needs. And therefore, I am fiscally liberal. I believe in universal treatment of the sick (and support forms of universal health insurance to ensure that), in universal provision for the elderly (and therefore support Social Security), in provision for the working poor (and therefore support unemployment insurance) and for the destitute (and therefore I support food stamp programs). I think that universal education is a necessity - for how can one read God's word if one cannot read?

    I formed these beliefs from reading God's law in Torah, and assert firmly that none of the above is optional.

    Therefore I am socially conservative, because that is God's law for man, and I am also fiscally liberal, because that is also God's law for man.

    There is no political party in America that is socially conservative and fiscally liberal. In Europe, there are Christian Democratic parties that are. If there were Christian Democrats in America, I would be one.

    Unfortunately, the Democrat Party in America supports mass babykilling, and the Republican Party denies God's economic law. So I support neither of those parties, and checked "other" for political affiliation.
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