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Should Secession be an option?

Discussion in 'American Politics' started by Creech, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. USincognito

    USincognito Do u? Supporter

    United States
    Are you asking how many said the Eastern Bloc would crumble starting in 1989 and the Soviet Union would eventually dissolve in 1991/1992? If so, I have no idea. If you want, you can read what the CIA itself has to say about those predictions from the 70s and onward.

    One small exerpt:
    From the mid-1970s to the eve of Gorbachev's assumption of party leadership in the spring of 1985, the CIA portrayed a Soviet Union plagued by a deteriorating economy and intensifying societal problems. CIA products described the growing political tensions resulting from these failures, the prospect that sooner or later a Soviet leadership would be forced to confront these issues, and the uncertainty over what form this confrontation would take.​
  2. MachZer0

    MachZer0 Caught Between Barack and a Hard Place

    I was making a factual observation :wave:
  3. usexpat97

    usexpat97 kewlness

    If honest people are running the show, any model will work.
  4. Gxg (G²)

    Gxg (G²) Pilgrim/Monastic on the Road to God (Psalm 84:1-7) Supporter CF Ambassadors

    Oriental Orthodox
    I agree...