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Gxg (G²)
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Nov 1, 2021
Jan 25, 2009
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Good Ol' South...
Behavioral Assistant/Youth Worker and Student

Gxg (G²)

Pilgrim/Monastic on the Road to God (Psalm 84:1-7), from Good Ol' South...

CF Ambassadors Supporter
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Nov 1, 2021
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    Good Ol' South...
    Behavioral Assistant/Youth Worker and Student
    Oriental Orthodox
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    Much could be shared on my own stances/background that'd be too much to share here. However, if anyone would like to know more e on what I tend to support and what has shaped me, I decided to include the following resources others could go to/get a general picture of what I stand with. For more, one can go here to "Why Can't The Church Stay Jewish? | The Groom's Family" ( 2011 | The Groom's Family ) -& "The Rosh Pina Project" ( – roshpinaproject.com )/"Hebrew for Christians" ( Hebrew for Christians Articles Page ). One can also investigate "Luis Carlo: Understanding Liberation Theology: UYWI 2008" (   ) and "Missional Monks" ( Missional Monks ).

    More could be said but, generally, anything with Monasticism/Missions, Multiculturalism, Jewish or Eastern Christian studies and Social Justice, I'm there. I also enjoy Inter-Church Dialouge

    Favorite fields of study are theology, church history/patristics (the study of Early Christian writers ), art/musicology, missions, community development, small group facilitations and mentoring. Love comic books and spoken word as well as dancing...seeing the world, touring and travelling.

    Love to relate and conversate ( preferably one on one conversations...I don't really like crowds... and I don't really do well with discussing surface issues for long-periods of time, but I highly enjoy converation which involves sharing what's going on in a person's mind/ heart and having productive discussions which I can look back on and remember and appreciate)...

    Love to analyze, hate not feeling energized (which is why I have trouble often sitting down for long-periods of time, unless I have a really good book I want to read or some kind of quote/poem I'm trying to write somewhere), love to meditate long and I like to think...not so short it seems like I blinked...



    Ancient, Apostolic & glad Yeshua is the Messiah! :)

    Connected in Orthodox Living - & Building God's Kingdom One Brick at a time :clap:

    Proverbs 18:15
    "The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge....."
    Proverbs 24:3-6
    5 A wise man has great power,

    and a man of knowledge increases strength.
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