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Liberals are Tolerant and Progressive?

Discussion in 'Conservative Christianity' started by Secundulus, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. SolomonVII

    SolomonVII Well-Known Member

  2. PastorJim

    PastorJim Well-Known Member

    A little over 18 months.

    Why didn't we defeat Japan first and then go to war in Europe?

    That's good. It's always good to know who caused the smoking crater in your hometown.

    Is the teacher threatening to kill all of the three and four year olds?

    And if we were fighting Iraq and the people of Iraq, you might have a point, but we're not.

    You're right. Hussein did not attack us. However, he did enable those who attacked us to attack us and was threatening to attack us and our allies.
  3. Nadiine

    Nadiine Well-Known Member

    The problem with this is that it isn't conservatives who claim to push and demand tolerism of all. That's the platform of the left.
    And every time they display their intolerance for conservatives whether it be blatant hate messages, wanting to stifle us or their bias & outright lies to smear and slander wrongfully, they are showing their hypocrisy

    God isn't tolerant and Christianity is an exclusive religion; not inclusive of ALL people who supposedly end up in the good graces of God.. as if He's SO loving that He winks at mankind in his chosen depravity.