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Evolution is a flawed theory

Discussion in 'Creation & Evolution' started by jesuslover14, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. jesuslover14

    jesuslover14 Guest

    Most people today believe in evolution. Too bad it has been already scientifically proven false! There are so many questions that evolutionists cant answer. Here are a few: How did an asexual organism evolve into a sexual organism? Since when does a pattern so complex like DNA evolve? Where did matter come from? Where did the laws of gravity and inertia come from? If evolution is true, how come so many animals are extinct? Shouldn't they have "evolved?" If evolution means survival of the fittest, why are humans and animals alike willing to risk their lives for others? How does intelligence and memory evolve? How did emotions, music, and feelings come from dead matter? These are just some questions of many. And I bet not one of you can answer these questions on a scientific base. There are just too many flaws in evolution, because evolution has none of the answers.
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  2. RobWW

    RobWW searching

    United States
    Christian Seeker
    And I suppose you think that the Bible does?

    Goddidit is not sufficient explanation.
  3. LifeToTheFullest!

    LifeToTheFullest! Well-Known Member

  4. Pete Harcoff

    Pete Harcoff PeteAce - In memory of WinAce

    Other Religion
    I know what you mean. It's so redundant answering posts like the OP.
  5. AdmiralBell

    AdmiralBell New Member

    How did an asexual organism evolve into a sexual organism?

    Even simple oorgainisms, such as bacteria, exchange DNA. Sex could easily have evolved from this.

    Since when does a pattern so complex like DNA evolve?

    It happened 3.5 billion years ago to be exact.

    Where did matter come from?

    energy. (What does this have to do with evolution?)

    Where did the laws of gravity and inertia come from?

    This is caused by warping of spacetime by matter. (See above)

    If evolution is true, how come so many animals are extinct? Shouldn't they have "evolved?"

    They failed to properly adapt, the could not fit the new system.

    If evolution means survival of the fittest, why are humans and animals alike willing to risk their lives for others?

    Because this futhers human DNA, more than contained in one human if this hero saves many.

    How does intelligence and memory evolve?

    It helps us avoid predators and have more children.

    How did emotions, music, and feelings come from dead matter?

    We will get beck to you on that as soon as we have the answer. Besides, even if evolution may be wrong, it doesn't mean creation is correct.

  6. Pikachu

    Pikachu Regular Member

    Then certainly you are prepared to back up that assertion by providing said proof, no?

    Through a series of small changes over time.

    Here is a good read on the subject.

    The ToE doesn't attempt to answer those, so we'll just leave those out of the discussion.

    Perhaps extinction was simply the last stage of their evolution, or perhaps there were other reasons such as rapid climate change, over-harvesting, etc.

    That really doesn't follow. The question is of a behavioral patern.

    Intelligence evolves through learning. I'm not really clear what you mean by the memory part....


    Would you care to share some of the specific points you consider flaws in the theory? There are many people here who can explain this subject better than I can, and I'm sure they will be along shortly. Bear in mind, though, you may have to alter your thought process so you aren't making the conclusion first.
  7. arunma

    arunma Flaming Calvinist

    While I believe in the literal truth of the Bible (meaning I'm on your side), I must point out that this is not correct. Biological evolution meets the criteria of a valid scientific theory. It has a theoretical basis, supporting evidence, and the capability to make accurate predictions. It hasn't been scientifically proven false, except by creation "scientists" who got their degrees from diploma mills -- which, I would add, constitutes the sin of lying.

    BTW I have a science degree (from a real college), so it isn't out of complete ignorance that I comment on scientific issues.

    I highlight this portion of your comment since you seem to believe that biological evolution doesn't deny the existence of God. It doesn't even comment on the existence of God. Of course my obvious answer to your questions would be that the things you mentioned come from God, but this is a theological statement rather than a scientific one. Regarding the accuracy of the Biblical account of creation, keep in mind that the Bible doesn't preclude biological evolution, rather it attests to the special creation of man. Admittedly, this stands opposed to the theory of evolution. But the problem is much smaller than most would suggest. If new evidence arose suggesting that modern humans have not evolved from more ancient primates, then the theory of evolution would be perfectly compatible with the Mosaic creation account.

    Actually, the term "survival of the fittest" was not coined by any evolutionary biologist. The first to use this term was the sociologist Herbert Spencer, who proposed a theory of social evolution. This is unrelated to the theory of biological evolution. Incidentally, some would suggest that Spencer was a racial or class supremacist.

    As to the other issues you discussed, intelligence, memory, and emotions can evolve according to the theory of biological evolution. Since I'm not a biologist I won't comment further. But I would advise against placing the Gospel on the sinking ship of creation science. Everyone who fails to believe in Jesus Christ will go to hell (yes, I believe this too). So do not, for the sake of creationism, destroy the work of the Gospel.
  8. lemmings

    lemmings Veteran

    True, at least out side of the States.
    Several hundred thousands of doctors, including yours, would disagree with that statement.
    Thousands of species are capable of reproducing both asexually and sexually, other species also contain both the male and female sexual organs.
    This is abiogenesis, not evolution. Science has yet to fully understand the processes that took place, DNA likely came from other chemicals capable of recording data such as RNA.
    This is physics not biology. Majority of the mature on the Earth is byproducts of fusion from stars that exploded around 5 billion years ago. These stars got the hydrogen from an event around 14 Billion years ago known as the Big Bang, currently it is unknown as to what caused this event.
    Gravity is one of four fundamental forces that govern the Universe; it was created within the first few seconds of the Big Bang as the Universe rapidly expanded.
    Most extinctions occur after a large environmental change. Evolution can only occur in an organism’s offspring so larger organisms frequently evolve slower. If a climate change is too dramatic, say a rock crashing into the planet, then the species would be unable to change fast enough.
    Spock: The good of the many outweighs the good of the few.
    Intelligence and memory require a complex brain. Species such as flatworms have structures that appear to be simple brains. These are composed of small masses of neurons.
    Emotions are a primitive method of communication used by many species. Music and art are merely patterns that appear appealing to us based on the culture to we grew up in. Feelings are the body’s reaction of stimuli.
    ^This last section is based on my personal definitions of these words, it is mostly sociology.
  9. arunma

    arunma Flaming Calvinist

    What do you know? A fifteen year old with a decent knowledge of physics. Keep it up!
  10. Shadowsun

    Shadowsun New Member

    In Relationship
    Which is a good thing because it has lots of scientific evidence supporting it and it gives us deeper knowledge on how to understand life and its origin.

    Creationist "science" does not count as real science.

    True, no science is perfect and we must always keep an open mind. That's what science is about, and maybe we will be able to discover new things about evolution in the future.

    Because sexual reproduction grants them an edge over asexual reproduction. And following the way evolution works, it is only normal that these organisms thrive. I refer you to this site http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evolution_of_sex for further evidence.

    Abiogenesis is a fairly accepted theory (hypothesis?) even though creationists claim otherwise. They say it is impossible due to the incredibly small probability. However such claims are refuted on these pages http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/abioprob/

    Going off-topic here, evolution has NOTHING to do with the beginning of the universe. To tell the truth, I'm getting sick of repeating this. I will not be delving into the depths of physics here because we are discussing life.

    These laws are "rules" to which all matter in the universe adheres. They were discovered by brilliant scientists and named. However, even if we hadn't found out how such a "rule" worked, it would still be in effect, regardless of our comprehension of it. We are not sure of their origins, but they are ever present and unchangeable. (come to think of it, this isn't about evolution either).

    Evolution is no garantuee for a species' survival. If dramatic evironmental changes suddenly appear, chances are high that evolution doesn't happen fast enough to garantuee survival. For example, a devestating plague, a climat shift, fierce drought, ...

    The origin of morality can be evolutionary explained. Raping at leisure is one way to spread genes, but not as efficient as the alternative. Here people who have evolved a kind of social blueprint which encompasses being nice to each other seem to reproduce more often. These primitive humans lived in family groups and met other individuals of their group very frequently. Thus behaving nice to them really paid off, and this evolved into the morals we have today. And an extreme form of this natural feeling to be nice is sacrificing yourself to save another. But really, Richard Dawkins explains this a lot better. You should look for his videos on YouTube. Great stuff.

    A good memory and great intelligence are incredibly benificial to an organism and it is therefore obvious that they would pass on their genes. And generation after generation, those with the most developed brains would have an edge, thus leading to greater intelligence in the species as time passes.

    short answer: Life through abiogenesis-> humans evolve eventually -> more intelligent, bigger brains, capable of complex social behavior->music, poetry,...

    Questions with answers actually

    I am sure a scientist could do a better job than me but I gave it my best shot. Constructive criticism appreciated.

    We never claimed to have all the answers, but you have to admit, we have A LOT of them.
  11. shadowmage36

    shadowmage36 Iä! Iä! Cthulhu ftaghn!

    In Relationship
    As has been said many times before, yes, evolution is only a theory.

    Just like gravity is only a theory. And general relativity. And special relativity, for that matter.

    My point is, you're confused by the use of "theory." Just because something has the word "theory" in front of it, does not mean that it is un-proven. The "theory" of something is the entire body of knowledge about that particular subject. Music theory, for instance, does not mean that music hasn't been proven to exist. Music theory is the sum of all knowledge of music: pleasing chord progressions, structures of chords, note values, etc. In the same way, the theory of evolution is all the information we have about how various species today are related, and how they are related to species that are no longer extant on earth that we have knowledge of through the fossil record, and how the changes to go from the older to the newer take place (the biochemical mechanisms of changing alleles, etc.).

    That is what the "theory" of evolution actually is, not that evolution has not been "scientifically proven" (which, for all intents and purposes, it has).

    And one last thing: You're asking a lot of unrelated questions, both unrelated to each other and to evolution. Could you clarify what you'd like answered more? You have a few questions on abiogenisis, which is a chemistry problem, not an evolutionary one (can't have evolution without life).
  12. flatworm

    flatworm Veteran

    Because there's no way to jump the gap between the two, right? I mean, an organism either reproduces asexually or sexually, with two distinct sexes. There is no in-between.

    Just kidding.:p

    Banana Slugs
  13. lemmings

    lemmings Veteran

    Banana slugs are cool! I went on a field trip a few years ago and saw some of them, I think a few kids in my class tried tasting them. My teacher latter told them what the slugs eat.:D
  14. [serious]

    [serious] 'As we treat the least of our brothers...' RIP GA Supporter

    By evolution of the TDF for humans/mammals. If you would like to know about the development of sex determination in other species just let me know which ones as there are several sex determining systems.
    3.5 billion years ago.
    the energy from the big bang.
    10^-43 seconds (1 plank time) after the big bang. is when gravity began to seperate as a force.
    Survival of the fittest
    Secondary fitness
    through natural selection. Intelligence and memory provided an evolutionary advantage for our ancestors.
    I'm pretty sure they were alive when they made/felt it. I would argue that dead people make very little music.

    If you would like a more detailed explaination of any of these, let me know which you want to focus on. There is plenty of information out there that you can find on your own as well.
  15. CACTUSJACKmankin

    CACTUSJACKmankin Scientist

    I would like to congradulate the author of the OP, I don't know what you were trying to accomplish with your OP but you completely failed to even marginally impress anyone with an adequate understanding of evolution and science, many of whom have totally annihilated every point you made.

    In an effort to expose evolution as a fraud you instead expose only your complete ingorance of it. Again, congrats.
  16. tocis

    tocis Warrior of Thor

    Other Religion
    Oh shoot, I so hoped for at least one point in that list that hasn't already been debunked, ripped to shreds, burned, and the ashes poured into a trashcan a million times before...

    ...oh well.
  17. Wiccan_Child

    Wiccan_Child Contributor

    In Relationship
    Evolution has been empirically observed and is no more disputed than the existance of the EM force. Perhaps you are referring to models derived from Evolution (e.g., Common Descent)?

    No, it has not. Prove it or cite your sources, or get out.

    And there are infinitely more questions that YOU cannot answer.

    Briefly speaking, via hermaphrodites and gender-exchange.

    Incremental steps (e.g., point insertion) coupled with 3.5 billion years.

    Beyond the scope of Evolutionary Biology.

    Populations adapt to take advantage of their environment and to avoid succumbing to environmental changes that are deadly to their current physiologies. Unfortunately, adaptation takes time (reproducation, gestation, etc), and extinction events occur because environmental changes occur too rapidly and/or too extremely (e.g., the introduction of humans and other organisms to the Dodos; the meteor to the dinosaurs; the disease to any number of species; etc).

    Because it does not mean 'survival of the fittest'. The term 'selfish gene(s)' is perhas more accurate.

    Those organisms whose behavioural instincts are more easily modified by previous events (i.e., memory), are clearly going to have an advantage. Similarily with interpritation and logical extrapolation of observations (i.e., intelligence).

    Chemical imbalances that modify behaviour accodringly (e.g., adrenal rush during 'fight, flight, or f*ck' scenarios; grief to assist in coping with death (a very rough analogy, but you get the point); etc).

    Brain waves synchronise to repetitive audio input (hence trance etc).

    Dead? Oh no, the matter is most definitely alive, for given definitions of 'alive'.

    The inability to answer a question beyond your scope (could an artist calculate a particles probibalistic position given it's wavefunction? Could a chemical biologist prove that E~=mc2?) is not a failing of your scope.
  18. RedAndy

    RedAndy Teapot agnostic

    In Relationship
    Let us enter a fantasy world akin to that many Creationists inhabit, and pretend just for a moment that these arguments haven't been presented, debunked, discarded, ridiculed and then regurgitated by Creationists hundreds of times before. Let's pretend that what the OPer is saying is entirely new information, that nobody has ever thought of before.

    Now, to the OP: how does Creationism answer the same questions?

    Please note I am asking how it happened, not who did it. Therefore, "Goddidit" does not count. If you want to present Creationism as a serious alternative, you have to explain how it happened, and not just who was responsible.
  19. RealityCheck

    RealityCheck Senior Veteran

    Hey, where did the original poster go?

    I hope to the library. :p
  20. LittleNipper

    LittleNipper Contributor

    GOD spoke, and it came to be durning a 6 day period and the creation was perfect. This perfect creation began to slide into corruption after the Fall of man. This corruption was confused and sped up by the FLOOD. So presently, we are living in a corrupted world, which was seriously damaged during the FLOOD but somewhat stabilized (though still quickly degenerating) and so what we presently observe has little to do with what the original creation was all about. However, GOD is merciful. HE has permitted times of peace and joy, so that the world may have a little taste of how things were and maybe for the saved someday in eternity.....

    Please note: To make up stores (no matter how scientific they may seem) that seem to fit what is presently observed happening, or fill the gaps, in the world today is nothing but a modern form of HUMANISTIC PAGANISM. Only a PERFECT personal witness or a revelation for GOD can provide factual information. Only GOD can arrage this or provide it.