1. rocknanchor

    Carnal Handling of the LD&R

    If you will, an observation of, not the Church, but, how those outside have fared with the Gospel message of and receiving of the living account of: The Life, Death and Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. No doubt, an ancient observation but, of all the doubting through the centuries, this...
  2. D

    Psalms 8 What is man that You are mindful of him...

    Psalms 8 What is man that You are mindful of him, And the son of man that You visit him? For You have made him a little lower than the angels, And You have crowned him with glory and honor.
  3. Ashley755

    A cool way to spread the gospel on the go!

    Good afternoon, friends! :) So, fun new evangelistic tool I'm trying to get word out regarding. I made a little sheet of cards that you have can print out and use. Just cut out these cards and leave them in places as you go about your day. Branch out and get creative. Restaurants. Libraries...
  4. Ashley755

    Japanese evangelistic page ~ need some help

    Hey brothers and sisters, So, I'm working on fully translating a gospel presentation from English to Japanese. From what I understand, there are not many gospel presentations that are culturally adapted to efficiently preach the gospel to people in Japan, but this one could. It's translated...
  5. J

    Just as I am without one plea

    Behold NOW is the accepted time Behold NOW is the day of Salvation If you had to do anything first before coming to Christ to be saved, then now is not the accepted time. Come to Christ as you are. Feel free to watch the short message of hope below: Short message of hope
  6. Brother_Kane

    How Do Yall Spread the Gospel

    How do yall spread the Gospel? Like how do yall talk to stranger about it? What do you say? Or with friends? Or any other way you spread the Gospel. I have to do something. My main job as a Christian I absolutely fail at. Please let me know your techniques or methods.
  7. Ashley755

    These wristbands start gospel conversations :)

    So, I wanted to share something on here that my church recently shared with me. They handed out these wristbands called "the four", and they're designed to start conversations about the gospel. The four symbols on the bracelets represent God's love for humanity, our sin causing separation from...
  8. Ashley755

    A cool way to spread the gospel on the go!

    Happy Friday, everyone :) So, I made a little sheet of cards that you have permission to print out and use. Just cut out the cards and leave them in places as you go about your day (that doesn’t mean litter, please don’t litter). But still branch out and get creative. Restaurants. Libraries...
  9. shout4Lord

    More MIssionary works

    Our Country is with more than *695 000 villages, 2000 small cities, 400 big cities, 40 Mega cities* . People are *more than 1.4 billion people.* Christians are *2.3% only* Gospel need to reach many areas, and need to give the gospel to many villages and cities. We don't have the freedom to...
  10. D

    We Owe It All To You Music Video || Ellen Hayes

    We Owe It All To You Music Video || Ellen Hayes This is a music video. This song talks about the greatness of God. God has delivered, healed, and kept us through many phases of our life. God is our creator. He enables us to do the things we do. He gives us our breath to breathe and the strength...
  11. J

    Pain, Suffering and Trial

    Each believer is going through something of their own. Whether it is spiritual pain, physical or mental, we all suffer. Christ suffered much more and He knows the pain you are going through. Will you come to Him with your need? Watch the latest short message of hope below.
  12. GraceBro

    What Is The Gospel?

    "For if, while we were God’s enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his Son, how much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through his life (Romans 5:10)!" We are told to share the Gospel. But, it is assumed that every Christian knows what the Gospel is. Do you know...
  13. rockytopva

    Presenting the Good News

    In this time of continual bad news I think it good to present some good news, in which the Gospel means good news. And the title of Evangelist refers to one who spreads the good news. With this on my heart I made a YouTube video and am in hopes I got the message across. Title: Good News in...
  14. pantingdeer

    UK politics: Should a Christian get involved?

    Should Christians become involved in politics (I mean more than just voting) such as becoming a member of a political party? On one hand, I think some parties have good stances on important issues to Christians and so it might seem right to get involved somewhat. However, politics is divisive...
  15. Christian House Churches

    Restoration of the Original Gospel

    Hello, all! After many decades of prayer, scripture study, and spiritual searching, it became clear to me that nearly all churches today do not adhere to one or more of Jesus' original teachings and act and look nothing like 1st century, New Testament churches. It is odd, in my opinion, to call...
  16. Allen's Ancient Abode

    Allen's Ancient Abode

    Welcome to my humble abode! Please, relax and make yourself at home! Come, hear about Christ, and the ways of communing with Him, who is altogether lovely and beautiful. Learn about the ways of pleasing Him, walking with Him, and learning of Him. We'll discuss prayer, missionary work and the...
  17. Allen of the Cross

    How to pray better for the gospel, missions and missionaries?

    I found this lovely book called Operation World a while back. It's like a prayer guide for all the nations of the earth. I'm just wondering if there are any other great resources to use. I'd like to learn more about missions. Id also appreciate any book recommendations on prayer. Thanks!
  18. E

    Prayer for my Dearest Sisters...To the moon and back...

    Good evening. It's twilight hours where I am, but I've been kept awake by the thought of some dear people close to me who have a changing event to attend tomorrow, that would allow them to pull their community up from where it is and change many lives. They are a group of 12 wonderful young...
  19. Ordinary Christian

    Perhaps there are two gospels (kinda).

    So I've been having a discussion in a thread about there being two gospels, and a thought came to mind: I have concluded that there might be two gospels so to speak. There's the gospel of how to become a saved disciple of Christ, and then there's the gospel on how to conduct yourself as a...
  20. G

    "The Evolution of a specific survival, is different from the optimal survival for that Evolution"

    Hi there, So I just want to make a simple point: The point I am trying to make, is that evolving a specific survival ensures something will be passed on, but that passing on "more" will ensure the given survival will survive for longer. This means that "agency" continues to be important...