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The Right Thing

  1. I didn't know where to post this, so like that thing you find and don't want to throw it away(in case you discover what its for and need it) so you stuff it away in a drawer...here it is.
    Just wanted to share.
    In the library in school I asked another student if it was ok to leave for lunch whenever we chose or did we need to ask? No. No permission necessary. But, I knew the career coach was going to check on me at somepoint, so I felt it common courtesy to let her know I was leaving. I expressed this to the other student. She disagreed. "Just go. You ain't got to say anything."
    So...I went down to the career coach's office and told her I needed a lunch break and was about to leave. I didn't want her to look for me in the library only to not find me.
    So she smiled and said, "would you like a free lunch card?"
    So im sitting down the road in a fast food restaurant and my Free, hot lunch just arrived.
    Ah, the right thing, does it ever get old?
    Yes, often times its a lot harder to do the right thing because it usually involves a lot more than informing someone you are going to lunch. But we'll touch on that later.
    Right now, im pretty hungry.
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