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Worry Or Lack There Of

  1. Worry really doesn’t fit with faith. When we are trusting God to handle something we aren’t worried over how things will play out. We can relax and be at peace about it. And that’s where I am over a situation right now. He’s got this. But not too long ago, I started to feel guilty for not being worried. “Well, if I’m not worried about what’s going on with my loved one then I must care about them. I must not be concerned. I must be selfish.” But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I care very deeply and they matter to me greatly. I corrected myself saying “What good does your fear and panic do? Does your worry change their condition?” Nothing, and No.
    My daughter got stuck in s tight place recently and she was crying a bit, unsure what to do. I said to her, “Don’t panic. If you panic you’ll struggle and get hurt.” Because when we get panicked we can’t think clearly. I knew that I couldn’t panick either because my panick would only make her panick also. Same with worry. I can’t begin to say how many times I’ve expressed my worry and someone around me who had been calm then said “I’m getting worried now too.” Or have become worried myself after someone else already was.
    Worry, fear and panick don’t help anyone get better. They don’t help God move any faster. They don’t make anything change. What worry, fear and panick do is spread to those around us, disrupt our sleep, make it hard to think, maybe even cause us not to eat and otherwise care for ourselves because we’re such a stressed out mess. Worrying doesn’t do anybody any good. So when we are at peace and trusting God (not worrying!) we’ve got nothing to feel guilty about. It doesn’t mean you don’t care about a person or what’s happening. Absence of worry just means a presence of faith.


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