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  1. This post really belongs in a forum but rather honestly I didn’t feel like searching for the proper category.

    So, trust....
    Trust has to be earned. And it’s not done overnight, or like the flick of a switch. Earning trust is a continual process. We build trust when our actions align with our words. For example, being true to promises. Even something as simple as “I’ll call you”, and then actually calling, builds trust. You’re proving you mean what you say. Actions align with words.
    It’s also about treating people with kindness and respect. You earn a lot more trust treating someone well than you do being hurtful, negative or judgmental. This also is part of our actions aligning with our words because if your words are sweet but you’re actions are sour you’re not earning much trust.
    It of course takes time and repetition to demonstrate that we can be trusted.
    My question is, should it be the same for God? He has promises all throughout His Word-should He have to prove He is faithful to them in order for us to trust Him?
    A factor in this is that God’s timing is unlike ours. He may tell us He has something in store but not deliver right away. It may happen years down the road. It often isn’t long before we start to doubt. Imagine the previous scenario: “I’ll call you”, but then not receiving a call for several years. Would you not consider the person’s timing atrocious? However with God, He knows best what we need and When we need it. His ways are not our ways and His timing is perfect.
    So should trust work the same with God as it does with one another? Should He have to continually prove Himself to us individually in order to “earn” our trust?


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