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Let's See How This Turns Out

  1. Morning All! Bless your heart if you have been reading my blogs. (Though I noticed few of you leave comments, come on now. Drop a line. Lol)
    I love coming to this site. I can be myself here. I feel comfortable talking about my faith, obviously, which I don't have with everyone in my personal life. Especially in my family. I am different from my family.
    Oh boy.... getting on this subject I don't know what's going to come out. Fasten those seatbelts everyone.
    My family...oh my, bless them, they are so judgemental.
    My aunt especially...goodness that day she was calling people at my church mutants... I don't know how I did not lose it. Mutants?! (Oh, here it comes everyone the volcano is about to erupt) Mutants! Just because someone is different! Just because someone has physical impairments! Some people are in a wheelchair from illness. Some people can't speak. Some can't hear in one ear and so they talk funny. That doesn't make them mutants! It certainly doesn't make them "inbred". Oh yes, she said that too. People, no matter how different, no matter what mental or physical illness or handicap they have still have a heart, a mind, and a soul. They're still human beings. They may look different sound different talk diefferent, some may not be able to talk at all. But they are human. They have hearts and minds and souls. And God loves them. He knit them together just the same as he knit those together who do not have disabilities. Did I mention that my aunt is disabled herself?! Yeah...
    Alright.... so you're getting the idea. Judgement runs rampant in my family.
    Oh goodness. I need to calm down. Deep breaths.
    Okay it's been a few minutes. Ill add one more thing before moving on. We may wonder why some have these horrible debilitating diseases. You think about it when we see someone like that, someone stuck in a chair unable to speak, we are provided with a valuable opportunity. We can choose to judge them or we can choose to see with a heart of love and compassion.
    (Did you like that, I'm a little temopted to pat myself on the back. But I'm going to shake that arrogance right off)
    I'm writing intermittently so I apologize for the choppiness.
    So getting back to my being different... my mom and I are currently not getting along. We've never been close. She doesn't accept me. I've never been good enough. Never been the daughter she wanted. She wanted a daughter who would love makeup and clothes and shoes, be really girly. (Im pretty girly now, I love jewelry, but still don't wear makeup. I don't need it right ;) lol) when I was a kid I loved watching the Discovery Channel. I had to watch anything on dinosaurs. I liked Shark Week too. I also refused to wear makeup and did not particularly enjoy Shoe shopping. I also rather enjoy being barefoot. In fact I sometimes drive that way. I call it gypsy driving. Im also messy while mom is a neat freak. In fact most of the family are neat-freaks. And love make-up and are very material... and here I am, gypsy Christina. Different. Don't drink coffee. Gasp! My whole family- caffeine addicts. I should see if I find that soap for them. Ha! My aunt and cousin who take two baths a day would really get a kick out of it! Anyhoo. ..
    I am also the only Christian in a Catholic family.
    I am very different.(from the rest of my family anyway) And growing up different made me feel...isolated....rejected, set aside. But you know what? God didn't set me aside. He set me apart! ( hopefully this doesn't sound boastful) I am a loving, compassionate person. Im affectionate with my children. ( if you have read "my story" you already know I never received any) I pray still that God continue to empty my heart of me and fill it with Him. I am different. I am set apart. Im glad to be me. After all everyone else is taken.
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