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  1. Sitting here with a very full tummy from breakfast, lol and my kids are watching "day of the diesels" a Thomas the tank engine movie. Jealousy is a pretty big theme in Thomas shows and movies, im noticing.
    In this one the diesel engines are jealous of the steam engines. I don't really blame them because it seems the diesel engines don't get treated very fairly. The dieselworks is dark and all run down but the Steamworks is well taken care of. Seems Sir Topham Hatt neglects the diesel engines. So they're jealous of the steam engines and they don't have very good attitudes. " diesels are devious"
    At the same time Thomas has a new friend, Bell. Percy, who had always been Thomas's best friend, is Joe of Thomas spending so much time with Bell. He feels rejected and is lonely. Diesel, a diesel named Diesel ( see the poor diesels don't even get regular names like the steam engines. 1 diesel engine is named Diesel and another diesel engine is named Diesel 10) but Diesel the diesel sees Percy upset and decides to trick him into coming to the diesel works. The Diesels pretend to be Percy's friend so that they can use him. Poor Percy.
    Poor diesels really. They have kind of been neglected. And they have let it make them mean, hard-hearted, and jealous. They just want to receive the same treatment as the steam engines.
    A lot of us know the same feeling right? For some of us its a boss, for some its family. But I think most of us know what it's like to be treated like black sheep, like the diesels. We see other people getting all the good breaks, having all the "luck", friends, looks,etc. We get caught up in what everyone else has, focusing on what we don't have that they do. Often this leads to self-rejection, jealousy, and in extreme cases, like with our diesels, hardened hearts.
    I've paused to watch the movie. The Diesels have just taken over the steam works. Poor Percy let's realize they were just using him. He only wanted to feel special, to have friends. A lot of us knew how this feels too right? Get in with the wrong crowd, stay in unhealthy relationships, all because we want to feel special, we want to belong. Because there is a hole we are trying to fill.
    Only one can fill it.
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