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Create In Me A Clean Heart

  1. Here we go this should probably be a forum or a thread somewhere but and stead of searching for the right place to put it I'm just going to make it a blog. But feel free to respond as if it was a thread.

    I have a friend in need. He doesn't have very much to eat. Neither do I. But I have a pretty big roast cooking in my crock pot. So Im good. Freezer is right slim though. But my friend has no meats. And he lives all the way in another County. And has no car or any transportation so id have to pack up my kids and go to him. But here's the thing, I cannot sit idle and know that he doesn't have dinner for the evening. This is an impossible thing for me. Anytime anyone that I know needs help with food I absolutely have to help. I do this at times to the point where I run out of stamps. Where I run low on food myself. But God's provision comes through. I've had neighbors "randomly" bring me food. I've been sent home from church events with pans of leftovers. They didn't know I had a need. But God did.
    But, here's my issue- and I say issue for a lack of better word. I'm grumbling to myself at the thought of loading my children in the car, and perhaps loading my Crock-Pot with a roast and potatoes into the car, and driving all the way out. Should it be this way? I want to do the right thing but I'm annoyed by it at the same time. Again, I can't sit idle. How can I go to sleep tonight if I do nothing to help someone who calls me sis?
    It just kills me, I've prayed, "Use me. I want to be an extension of You." And yet when I learn someone needs help I grumble to myself..."ah man I didn't want to go out today. Ah man I only have a little stamps. Ill have pack the kids up...he lives far out...blah blah etc etc"
    Really Christina?
    Such pettiness.
    I love what my son says when I ask him where God is. He says"God lives in our hearts and He gets bigger and bigger until He bursts Out!"
    When others see us they should see Him. He should be "bursting out". The more pettiness, bitterness, anger, unforgivess, etc we hold in our heart the less room there is for Him. Create in me a clean heart O God and renew a right spirit within me.


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