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  1. Whew, Christmas is Over!

    Whew, Christmas is Over! I'm pretty relieved. Christmas has become a stressful time for me. Everything's just so chaotic when I go "home" for Christmas. We have about 20 people in the house, so many presents that you can't walk (I'm not kidding! It's obscene!), a meal so big that there wasn't room to sit at the table. Plus there's a total of about 2 out of the 20 people who actually get along. So it's very tense emotionally. It just takes my blood pressure up a few notches. But that's one...
  2. What the Heck?

    What the Heck? I work in a cubicle environment which I don't mind so much. I really love working with 99.9% of the people around me and enjoy the "open" environment so we can talk or help eachother easily. However, my cube neighbor is kind of different. I don't dislike her, but our personalities couldn't be more different and I just don't "get" her. For instance, my team leader called me at 8:30 this morning because he wanted to know if another one of our co-workers had made it in yet...
  3. On the Knolwege of God

    Some say God is un-knolwegable: We cannot know Him, nor compreend him. He is unattainable, although we may reach Him though fervent prayer. Others beleave that though ascetic practice, by denying themselves and practicing extreme acts of pain and misery, they will abandon the world and become a part of God themselves. Modern religion has conditioned the "Way" of knowing God far too much. We are not allowed to commune with Him except though intermediaries - Specialy if we are Catholics -...
  4. Tolerance and the Religious Soul

    Yesterday, we testimonied a terrible act committed against the people of Istambul, and it's visitors.....Atheists all over the world point at Religion as the only fault for this happening. How come, for the external viewer, this seems to be true? Simple: Lack of tolerance. Christian ministers all over show an astonishing lack of tolerance, kicking faith seekers out of the pews, shunning their fellow christian yet giving charity to the homeless and pretending to be incredibly pious as they...
  5. My prayer list

    We are experiencing some instability here (Lubumbashi). Would value your prayers for us all. They may be going to cut the internet so tricky for communication. Centre of town has people running amok. Bethany and family are safe but clearly a fragile situation. Immanuel's daughter - cancer Sonya Susy Mno Those on my blocked lost who are unfriendly The rudest of mods mikeael the destroyer, teach him diplomacy Em Erin Briana