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On the Knolwege of God

By SilverAvenger · Jan 1, 1970 ·
  1. Some say God is un-knolwegable: We cannot know Him, nor compreend him. He is unattainable, although we may reach Him though fervent prayer.

    Others beleave that though ascetic practice, by denying themselves and practicing extreme acts of pain and misery, they will abandon the world and become a part of God themselves.

    Modern religion has conditioned the "Way" of knowing God far too much. We are not allowed to commune with Him except though intermediaries - Specialy if we are Catholics - even though some paths to find God, like Wicca, Judaism and Orthodox Christianity, have alternatives to the hyper-monopolized access to God.

    In Wicca, one is encourage to become a "priest" himself. Judaism requires no Rabbies to preside to ANY lifecycle event, limiting the restrictions on what can you-or not- pray in the absence of a Quorum [Ten Jews, ten male jews in Orthodox Judaism] and Orthodox have a form of prayer entitled "Typica" meant to be prayed when one cannot attend Divine Liturgy for lack of a priest.

    The once vaguely known "Spiritual Mass" of the Roman Catholics was voided by Council Vatican II, cutting them from the closest thing to Typica this denomination had.

    How can we strive to know God? Only by listening to our own hearts. "The Kingdom of God resides within ourselves. It is on our hands if we draw it forth, so it'll spread over Christendom, or we keep it, and it'll die when we die." An ancestor of mine left written. Everyone sane of body and mind faces a daily choice: to let his worst sides take over, or to subdue that animalesque nature in order to actualy do good in the world. That resolve is a glitter of our Divine Spark within, trying to shine brighter than the mud. And it's what draws us towards God.

    Every religion knows God, and provides a path to Him, monoteistic, politeistic, doesen't matters. God is like a diamond: has many faces. Politeistic religions see many of His faces, linking them with atributes of His magesty, commonly linked to the material world. Monoteistic ones see the Whole, but give this Whole different names. Then there's the secoundary wrapping: moral codes and ways to worship, then the culture that created said faith path and so on.

    Of course there's the negative imprint: Those who worship evil forces instead. But those are not for today's writting.

    We all can help eachother Knowing God. Sharing ways of worship and striving to understand different aproaches than our own.

    Ractionality implies being able to use ou own brains rather than following the propaganda we've been fed since children. This applies as much on religion as on politics and every aspect of our lives.

    As an example, Try doing this:

    Go to somewhere you can have privacy. Calm yourself by drawing one, two, three deep breaths, then realize that only two people are really there: You, and God. Talk to God. Talk to Him as if you've known Him all your life. Thank for what you have, ask for what you don't have. Share your worries. Don't beg, don't grumble and don't humiliate yourself more than you would in front of your best friends. Once you're done, thank Him and go back to your life.

    Simple, no? Give it a try.

    This is called "hitbodedut" and it's a staple prayer/meditation from Breslov Chassidut, or Jewish Mysticism.

    Hoping for all to have a good week.


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