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Tolerance and the Religious Soul

By SilverAvenger · Jan 1, 1970 ·
  1. Yesterday, we testimonied a terrible act committed against the people of Istambul, and it's visitors.....Atheists all over the world point at Religion as the only fault for this happening.

    How come, for the external viewer, this seems to be true?

    Simple: Lack of tolerance.

    Christian ministers all over show an astonishing lack of tolerance, kicking faith seekers out of the pews, shunning their fellow christian yet giving charity to the homeless and pretending to be incredibly pious as they give looks of disdain when looking at people with what they call "dubious" religious backgrounds. If a jew goes into a church in Europe, he's shunned away and the door is closed in their faces. If a christian tryes to enter a synagogue, he will most likely have to hide his identity!

    Muslim voices are the loudest, this in Europe. For the sake of preserving tradictional church affiliation, trying to keep national identity in a country being swarmed with muslim refugees from Africa and now with Syrians and such, Switzerland forbade Minarets. Everybody claimed "Discrimination!". When Switzerland refused to allow muslims to disrespect basic civil rules in the country, it was also claimed discrimination and caused an uproar on social media. Yet a swiss that refuses to handshake his female teacher or spits in the floor is planely considered rude.

    One can't raise his voice against Islam withought being seen as intolerant. Because Islam is becoming the latest fad, because people think becoming muslim will keep them safe from extremism. It won't.

    The LGBTQ+ bathroom debate is an other of this examples:

    In Portugal, nobody would ever think of enacting a law like HB2. Why? Because nobody peeks under anyone's stalls. Children go to the bathroom and don't get scared by the 6ft tall "woman". Why? Because the "woman" doesen't tries to scare the kids, keeps to herself. Likewise, who cares if a dude goes to the stall instead of the urinol? Isen't it worst to have folk with total male or female apperance going into the wrong bathroom just because their genitals match the others in the room? Who cares! Nobody is going to look at the other's genitals?

    Doesen't the Bible says "Love your neighbour as you love yourselves"? How come such tyranical rules, echoing racial segregation from the 1920's, take place in what is supposed to be the world's most modern nation?

    We are all human. We are all God's children, created after his own image. If we keep imposing stupid rules at eachother and ignoring basic civilizational rules, what will happen to us? Are we the righteous that the Lord wishes us to be to be worthy of His Kingdom? Or are we just turning our religion in hypocrisy, and heralding Mankind's doom in the Judgement Day? God created Religious Diversity for a common goal: to Worship HIM, not to fight eachother. He CHOOSE to reveil His glory in various, different forms to teach people lessons on tolerating eachother, not to make us wage war!

    We need to start opening our eyes......and pray for knolwege to understand our fellows. And if we choose to go to an other country, at least do the courtesy to learn the basic rules of civil interaction.


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