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What's the right thing to do?

Discussion in 'Christian Advice' started by sk8brdkd, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. sk8brdkd

    sk8brdkd Audio A Sk8er

    United States
    If you were put in a situation at a job where someone u knew got in trouble for something they shouldn't have if they didn't do anything wrong which they were blamed for, Would you stand up for them or just let it go? I mean, let's say you were there and someone blamed them for something, told a manager and then that person got in trouble.

    Is the right thing to stand up for that person, speak to a manager and tell them what you saw/heard or to just let it go and let the person get in trouble?

    I'd like to hear what you would do, but, for me, i was told to keep my mouth shut and not get involved, however, my conscience was telling me something different. For the last 3 days, my conscience told me to talk to a manager and, today I did. I'll tell you, I did feel a lot better after I told the manager but, the situation is still in place and there's still a problem there and i'm still struggling w/ it.
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  2. Pal Handy

    Pal Handy Irregular Member

    You did what you felt in your heart you needed to do so your
    part in this is over, except for your prayers for your coworkers.

    Don't take on the position that you somehow must save the world as
    that place belongs to Christ alone.

    The enemy will try to get us so worked up about situations that
    have gone wrong in this broken and fallen world that we will lose sight of
    our true calling, to follow Christ and point others to Him as the answer
    and not to rely on our own strength, wisdom and abilities.

    You did what you thought was right and yet nothing changed, at
    least in the short term but give God a chance to work as you pray
    for those at work and trust that God can change things at work as
    you trust in Him to make a difference through your prayers for others.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2013
  3. David Sylvian

    David Sylvian From Japan With Love

    I would stand up and say something -- why on earth not?

    There are times when truth hurts more and does more damage then good.
  4. rocklife

    rocklife Senior Veteran

    When I witness a car accident or crime, I report it and write down the time, date, and relevant information. I would kind of do the same thing in a work situation if I saw something wrong, at least let the head people know you were a witness, which it seems like you did in the end.
  5. Max Shade

    Max Shade Well-Known Member

    Celtic Catholic
    Excellent advice, couldn't have said it better, so I am quoting . . .

    Yup, looking the other way or not saying anything is the source of much that is evil in the world's power. All it takes for evil to triumph is . . . ?