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Prophetic Dream: War is coming!

Discussion in 'Sign Gifts' started by WeWillSeeHimWhenHeAppears, May 9, 2012.

  1. WeWillSeeHimWhenHeAppears

    WeWillSeeHimWhenHeAppears Every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him

    I had a dream this morning (May 7, 2012) about war.

    I know this dream came from the Lord.

    I'm not sure if it relates to an invasion which the Lord showed me way back on April 26, 2010 (Search Google, "FCET - Revelation from the Lord concerning an invasion"). In that dream, the Lord showed me an invasion. If you have not read it over, you can -- and I would encourage you to do so. The reason I am encouraging you to do so is because the Lord gave it for a reason, and I believe the reason is so that it would be shared, so that people could pray about it. There are some significant things that He showed me in that revelation.

    Also, perhaps to encourage you that I'm not crazy or eating too much pizza, the Lord has given me some other revelation in the past about war which did prove to be quite accurate. Specifically, He spoke to me the very day the bombs started to drop on Afghanistan. There was a reason He did that, and it was to help myself, and others, I believe, understand His compassion for those who are going through the ravages, uncertainties, and heartaches of war. Please take the time to read that article if you have not done so already (Search Google, "FCET - I was there when they dropped the bomb"). In that dream, which occurred just hours before it was announced on the news (October 7, 2001), the Lord put me in the position of a man who was concerned for his family in Afghanistan. In the dream, I was right there and saw the bombs falling! I was concerned for my family. This reveals the heart of God the Father, who loves each person and desires for them to come into relationship with Him. I would encourage you to read that article, and ask God to give you His heart of compassion for those who are suffering. The name of that article is, "I was there when they dropped the bomb" and can be found at (Search Google, "FCET - I was there when they dropped the bomb").

    It's now been more than two years since I had the dream about the coming invasion (Search Google, "FCET - Revelation from the Lord concerning an invasion"), and this morning (May 7, 2012), I had another dream. It was very short and to the point (though I'm not sure I totally understand one of the points).

    Here is what He showed me.

    I was on a residential street --- imagine the street where you live --- and everything was "normal" as you would expect. You would expect the birds to be singing, and the sun to be shining (hopefully) --- and everything seemed "just like that" -- normal. Then, SUDDENLY, war planes appeared in the sky! I honestly can't remember how many I saw, but the point was not to show me how MANY planes there were, but how CLOSE they were! I remember looking at one plane, and it was REALLY HUGE to my naked eye, meaning it was VERY CLOSE.

    What could this mean? I think this means, "WAR IS VERY CLOSE."

    The plane I saw in my dream was SO close, I could have thrown a stone at it and hit it. It was SO close, it did not even fit in my field of vision. Only part of the plane fit in my field of vision. That's CLOSE.

    I think I understand the point about the plane being close. I don't have a problem believing that it means war is close (note, the plane was a war plane).

    Here's something I noticed about the plane. It was odd.

    I noticed quite a bit of RUST on that plane.

    I thought to myself something like this: "That plane is an old plane from many years ago."

    What could this mean?

    The plane symbolizes war. An old plane --- and old war, perhaps. Will this war be like a war from the past? Is the Lord talking about a world war? Something "old" is clearly represented in this dream, so maybe it's a resurrection of an old conflict perhaps -- someone attacking the Jews, maybe, like Hitler did during world war II? There's something old about this war, and my feeling based on the imagery is that it's something the world has seen before --- whatever that is --- and so if your history is good, that will put you in an even better position to understand what that could represent.

    I want to ask you to please pray about this.

    Now you might want to think that it would be better to go to sleep, perhaps. But I want to ask you to please wake up and smell the coffee. Prayer is apropos. Print this message off and bring it to your prayer meeting. That's what I'm asking you to do.

    Thank you and God bless you!

    (Search Google, "FCET - A Tumultuous Event")
  2. Miss79

    Miss79 Junior Member

    something old from the past is coming back, it had to do with warplanes. a war in the sky perhaps between good and evil? I am not sure it also can be oppression coming our way
  3. C8-@

    [email protected] Toddler


    I've had dreams about planes filling the skies since childhood; you might say that they have been a recurring theme for me. (Cathedrals too?!)

    In most dreams I am stood in a field or open space looking up and there are just thousands and thousands of them pouring overhead endlessly. War planes, bombers, fighter jets, helicopters, large military transporters as well as commercial airliners in some cases.

    I went to several air displays as a child and grew up where there are air bases so this is perhaps not unusual. However, I do believe that they were still significant dreams. In recent years I no longer dream of aircraft, not in the conventional sense, but rather lights and UFO's in the skies instead.

    Recently they have started coming down and getting closer in my dreams, see a recent dream I posted on CF called “Blue Cheese?” I tend not to take these too literally, although do think that UFO’s could be used as part of an end times deception, but think that they are more an extension of the aircraft dreams I used to have.


    I believe that both the planes and UFO’s are symbolic of the ‘principalities and powers of the air’ rather than more literal in meaning. You are right though, there is an age old war which has been raging on overhead for millennia, a battle in the heavenly realms which is quickly coming down to earth and manifesting itself more and more in our daily lives.

    As Christians we need to be aware of this as we are in a constant daily battle which never lets up, we are surrounded by it, at home, at work, in the media, music, entertainment, news etc. etc. etc. The enemy is stepping up his assault and we are bearing the brunt of this (like the Jews did in WWII).

    I believe that is why God is showing us just how close this war is. It’s right on our doorstep, right now, in our homes, TV’s, Radio, Internet, mobile devices etc.

    I’m not discounting the possibility of a literal war either as Revelation alludes to this, although I doubt that rusty old bombers would have much of a role in it. If where you live is anything like the UK most of our war planes and ships are being decommissioned and sold for scrap due to budget cuts, whilst our military forces are being decimated.

    I suppose they could represent those of emerging powers like China/India and possible threats such as North Korea/Pakistan as many folks believe, but my overall impression is that your planes are likely more symbolic in nature.
  4. MastersPiece

    MastersPiece Well-Known Member

    I believe it is about the enemy persecuting God's people (ie: Jews, Christians = God's people). Just 3 mornings ago I heard the Lord say "I'm going to test my children on the sea"... sounds like Peter on the sea with the option to sink or walk.. persecution came to mind (real persecution for us North Americans)
  5. WeWillSeeHimWhenHeAppears

    WeWillSeeHimWhenHeAppears Every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him

    Thanks for your feedback. I do believe this dream is about a literal war.
  6. humblewatchman

    humblewatchman Two greatest commandements are to love.

    Rust can point to the past, but also can point to steady and sure decay or dilapidation, as the advancing effects of rust is difficult to reverse. Maybe since the plane was that close, it means that the action is here and now instead of an attack coming, and the message may be that it is falling apart...decaying/dissolving. If the plane represents the war, then makes sense that the war/battle/fight/aggression/advancing evil is decaying/decreasing in power/strength...by no human hands either, but instead by the workings of God himself.

    Can you describe the plane in more detail? People who know their history better than I could help you if you could. If not, take this dream back to the Lord and ask Him to show you more. If it is from Him and is a call to prayer and/or action, He will show you more. Please come back and share with us if you do get more details.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your dream.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2012
  7. WeWillSeeHimWhenHeAppears

    WeWillSeeHimWhenHeAppears Every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him

    There is no question it is about war, because the whole tenor of the dream was war, and it came very swiftly.

    So, unfortunately, I do believe it is about war.

    The rust was shown to me in a split second, but extremely clearly. It was shown to occupy a "blotch" or "large spot" on the aircraft. There was something very important about this rust. Obviously, there was a reason for it. As was suggested to me by someone whom I have been in contact with, metallic particles are sometimes used in stealth technology, and it is possible this was what the Lord was showing me (in other words, He was showing me metal particles underneath the fuselage of the plane -- it was shown to me as "rust" because that highlights the ferric/metallic/iron nature of the particles). If so, stealth would relate to an invasion.

    Now I'm not entirely sure this is what the Lord was showing me, for I think it could relate to something old, as well. However, if it does relate to stealth technology, and hence an invasion, then I believe that's one more reason to point back to my earlier dream, which I had about two years before that, which was explicitly about an invasion. If you have not yet seen that dream, you will probably want to see it, since it is extremely detailed and has been posted on this forum. It is called, "Revelation from the Lord concerning an invasion".
  8. humblewatchman

    humblewatchman Two greatest commandements are to love.

    You called it rust, and the first impression (or feeling) we get on the appearance of something in a dream is almost always the way God wants us to think of it as (not always, but most times). If our first impressions become clouded with all of the plethora of possibilities, we can be led astray from the original message.

    The only thing a person can do if it is a looming attack is to pray. Prayer is so easily done. I will join you in it.
  9. Ronald

    Ronald Newbie

  10. WeWillSeeHimWhenHeAppears

    WeWillSeeHimWhenHeAppears Every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him

    Thank you. I agree that first impressions can be, and often are, very important. However, the Lord may also conceal certain parts of revelation for a season.

    Also, the Lord may 'weave' into a prophetic revelation a dual significance, because we see this in the Scriptures. Yes, my first impression was "old" but at the same time, I did not necessarily think I had the entire meaning at the time, which is why I wrote it the way I did -- that I was open to hearing from others on this. So, someone (not referring to this forum) did comment, and I found the comment very interesting, since it was almost a "pointer" I would say, right back to my first dream (the one on the invasion). In any event, we shall see it come to pass.

    If you look at the invasion dream (which I had on April 26, 2010), you will see mention of a "branch" which delays the proceedings. The "branch" eventually "gives way" and it happens. Well, what is all that? I cannot say for sure, but it could be a Middle East invasion, and the reason I am merely speculating on that is because right about that time, PJTV had a retired army general on, who gave his thoughts concerning a Middle Eastern invasion (search on "Former US General Warns of Chemical Attacks Against Israel" and you will find it). Interestingly, the earliest date I can find for that interview is about May 6, 2010 and the invasion dream I had was April 26, 2010.

    It looked like it was "ripe" at that time --- but in my dream of the invasion, there is the "branch" which holds back the proceedings. In a way, I think the "branch" could signify the Lord, because He is the "branch" in Scripture.

    In Zechariah, we read,

    "Now listen, Joshua the high priest, you and your friends who are sitting in front of you—indeed they are men who are a symbol, for behold, I am going to bring in My servant the Branch." (Zechariah 3:8)

    As you may know, the end of Zechariah ends with Armageddon and the Second Coming of the Lord.

    So I see the "war dream" as likely pointing to the "invasion dream" and I think that because of a variety of factors, including the present climate and other reasons still that I have not mentioned here, that all of this, in fact, is indeed going to culminate in the events described in Zechariah.

    To summarize, I agree that the first impression is important. However, I've also seen (quite a few) cases where I did not have the right interpretation at the start, because of a lack of information which the Lord wanted to provide at a later time.

    In this regard, I am reminded of how the Lord concealed the interpretation of revelation He gave to Daniel, until the "appointed time" (Daniel 12:9).
  11. humblewatchman

    humblewatchman Two greatest commandements are to love.

    Keep us posted.
  12. VictorynJesus

    VictorynJesus Guest

    I too felt like I had a prophetic dream regarding war. I was shown that it would be a Holy War and fought on American Soil. No timeframe.
  13. GarySneakers

    GarySneakers Member

    To be honest, I do not think that you have any special connection or that the Father in Heaven sends you some cryptic secret message about war. FYI, Special Forces were in Afghanistan long before any bombs fell. Battle plans have been drawn for every region in the world. Wars are part of human nature and have gone on for thousands of years.

    I find it had to believe that The Creator of the Universe, with all of His wisdom, sends you a dream of a rusted aircraft. Watching the news and then dreaming about it is normal and maybe a aircraft flying over your house, triggered the dream.

    These special messages and revelations are the same ones I heard in the 1970's. None of them happened.
    They just keep changing the dates. Every Generation thinks they are the last.

    Mark 15:38 The Temple is open, Go ask the Father in Heaven, yourself.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2012
  14. WeWillSeeHimWhenHeAppears

    WeWillSeeHimWhenHeAppears Every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him

    Hi Gary,

    This is a Christian forum, and the attitude that that you are displaying is, in fact, not Christian, because the Bible clearly says that in the last days, God will give dreams and visions.

    “It will come about after this
    That I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind;
    And your sons and daughters will prophesy,
    Your old men will dream dreams,
    Your young men will see visions.
    Even on the male and female servants
    I will pour out My Spirit in those days."
    (Joel 2:28-29)

    Who is the Source of these dreams and visions? Obviously, from this passage, it is God Himself.

    Thus, the source may indeed be the Father, of whom you claim, "I do not think that you have any special connection or that the Father in Heaven sends you some cryptic secret message about war."

    Your comment demonstrates that you are not reading your Bible, because the Lord indeed speaks through riddles (Numbers 12:8) and parables (Luke 8:10) that need to be properly understood. Dreams and visions (Joel 2:28-29, Acts 2:17-18) also fall into the category of things that need to be interpreted. Rarely are they direct (but sometimes they are).

    The purpose of this forum is to share, and understand the dreams and visions that God is giving today. You are most welcome to join. But to mock dreams and visions as being from God the Father? One has to wonder why you are saying these things, and what spirit you are coming in.

    If your purpose is to edify and encourage, then please do. Please be respectful of the dreams and visions which people share on this forum. As far as I am concerned, there is no reason to doubt that they come from God. And if you read over just a few of them, instead of criticizing, you will see that beyond any shadow of a doubt, God is very much speaking to people -- but the imagery may not be plain, but requires time and energy to understand.

    Here is what Jesus said, concerning why He spoke in parables (which, like dreams and visions, needed "decoding"):

    "The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of God has been given to you, but to others I speak in parables, so that, “‘though seeing, they may not see; though hearing, they may not understand."" (Luke 8:10, NASB)

    And so that is why God speaks in "code". It's to bless the willing, and to keep those who are not willing in the dark.

    Code requires more work. It's not handed to you on a silver platter. There is no reason to doubt, however, that it is handed to you from the Father who seeks a relationship with His creation.

    So here's my question for you. What side of the fence do you want to put yourself on? Are you on the side of those to whom the secrets of the kingdom has been given, who desires this relationship? Or, are you on the side of those that, "though seeing, they may not see; though hearing, they may not understand"?
  15. LantanaAnna

    LantanaAnna Guest

    I think maybe a war is coming to the US also. We have not obeyed Our Father in Heaven, and openly defied him. Now, we are even turning our back against Israel, we shall not prosper long.

    I haven't had a dream, but a strong feeling for awhile.