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Discussion in 'Secular Music' started by madbox, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. madbox

    madbox Guest

    I love this band, I somewhat know their lyrics but not enough also I wanted to know what you guys think, satanic or not. Because to an extent they can be and to an extant it could have christ like meanings.

    For an example in Delieverence it could be about satan or it could be about Jesus and the temptation he went through.
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  2. madbox

    madbox Guest

  3. Lecarde

    Lecarde Senior Member

    I love Opeth. Incredible band. Their latest album does mention Satan, though Im not quite sure under what context its under....
  4. madbox

    madbox Guest

    Which CD would that be.. Ghost Reveries?
  5. Lecarde

    Lecarde Senior Member

  6. Chrome

    Chrome It's a Dead Man's party

    being that i don't listen to Opeth that much, i couldn't tell you, but most likely, its no. The only time i think people should question whether a band has satanic lyrics are if it is a black or death metal band, and even then, many of them are just anti-religion or anti-christian, not satanic.
  7. shye

    shye Veteran

    Opeth is a pretty cool band. Have one of their cds cant remember which one
  8. HybridNation

    HybridNation A Friend of God, He Calls Me Friend

    their ok
  9. RenewingMyMind

    RenewingMyMind Guest

    Totally satanic. It is more then obvious just like all metal. Metal bands just tell the media what they do so that they make it seem like a big joke. They know what they are doing and the majority of them have already sold themselves out to the devil in trade for money and fame. They usually have witches or satanist come to the recording studios and put incantations on the cd's and all promotions so that the innocent 14 year old kid who buys the Slayer or Opeth album will open a doorway to the occult and be oppressed and be forever tormented. Then when they play the cd demons manifest and are drawn to the music that gives them the right to operate.

    Heavy metal was carefully crafted by Satan to trap America's youth and recruit so many people into serving Satan. So many innocent people just buy cd's because of the phenomenal guitar riffs and the intimidation of the music and get sucked right into occult bondage and so many end up committing suicide or doing extremely heanous crimes.

    My prayers go out to Christians who are blinded to what is really going on behind the scenes of the bands and how they are totally sold out to Satan and are just leading America's youth right into bondage and to being enslave to Satan.

    How many of you Christians that listen to Satanic music suffer from bad dreams and out of body experiences?

    Those dreams and experiences are just doorways that have been opened for the demonic spirit of death to torture you body and to instill fear into your life.

    DISCERNMENT- to discover; to recognize; the ability to discover or recognize.

    Hebrews 5:14

    But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.

    We must train our consciences, our senses, and our minds to discern good from evil.

    We need to recognize temptation before it traps us?

    Let's see here:

    Heavy metal that glorifies the sinful nature, the flood of dissipation that pagans endulge in daily, promotes Satan's kingdom of darkness, and the evil desires of the human heart.

    Would a Christian discern this music as good or evil?

    Praying that the blinders will be removed here and the right discernment will be made.
  10. Chrome

    Chrome It's a Dead Man's party

    im a christian, and listen to satanic music.
    no, i don't feel compelled to look into the occult or worship satan
    no, i don't get influenced into feeling christianity is wrong
    no, i don't get nightmares or odd supernatural experiences, i have normal sleep
    no, i don't feel the need to commit suicide
    and no, i don't commit haenous crimes or plan or want to.

    well, i guess i just made your argument null
  11. RenewingMyMind

    RenewingMyMind Guest

    Ephesians 4:29

    29 Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

    30 And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.

    Verse 29 clearly tells us how we need to tame our tongues and talk things that are going to help each other move forward rather then creating hard feelings. Heavy metal glorifies putting others down, is full of cursing and hatred, and enforces rebellion and hatred. They are mocking our savior and recruiting people for Satan's army of darkness.

    I don't suppose you know anything about grieving the Holy Spirit. He lives inside of us and everytime we grieve him he leaves and doesn't come back until we repent. He was given to us to help us pray, worship, and study God's word. God did not send him to us to help us worship the devil and conform our beliefs to the world and their wicked ways.

    Romans 12:2

    Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, then you will be able to test and approve of God's will, his good, pleasing, perfect will.

    When Christians conform to the beliefs of the pagans let alone the devil worshippers we grieve the Holy Spirit and divide our loyalties. Thus we have one foot in church and one foot in the world. Its one or the other not both, because when you do both you aren't in church your in the world and living for the sinful nature.

    Romans 8:8

    Those controlled by the sinful nature cannot please God.

    I suggest you print out the lyrics and take them to church you attend and see what your Pastor says about the content and ask him how you glorify God through your association with that garbage.

    Have a nice day. :)
  12. Chrome

    Chrome It's a Dead Man's party

    look, i'm not trying to say you're wrong about everything, but making blatant generalizing, and untrue statements is just terrible. I was just telling you that with a simple example of myself, just about everything you said metal does, is false.
    If i were you, i'd probably find more offense with the content of radio-aired, heavily popular, mainstream music than that of an often misunderstood and labeled kind of music.

    and what makes you think i'm comforming or giving into their beliefs? I may have an account at the bank but does that mean i'm good with money or want to be a banker? no.
    and honestly, if i printed out lyrics from most of the bands i listen to, they probably wouldn't stir up any controversy, even among the church
  13. shye

    shye Veteran

    just because you don't like their music doesnt mean they're satanic, yes a lot of them wear black and have devils on their covers but atleast its music. All this pop music is just trying to sell sex. I would rather have my daughter listen to opeth then brittany spears. Just look at all the preteens wearing skimpy cloths just because of brittany spears. Plus metal has some musical talent. pop music, rap and hiphop are all lazy music. its poetry with a beat thats all what it is.
  14. Nienor

    Nienor why so serious

    I will cut in on the Satanic discussion to say the only album I've heard by Opeth that I really like (and I do really like it) is Damnation.
  15. seeker336

    seeker336 Guest


    I'm listening to Opeth right now. It's actually relaxing.

    I have 4 of their CDs. I have Damnation, Deliverance, Blackwater Park, and Ghost Reveries. So far, I have yet to see or hear any real allusion to Satan or very much religious discussion at all. There is quite a bit of spiritual angst expressed in their latest album, Ghost Reveries, but no more than that described in Jesus' temptation in the wilderness or in the journey of Gautama as a wandering aesthetic.

    Opeth usually have very bleak, nihilistic lyrics, but their latest album speaks of overcoming this sense of loss (sort of) in songs like Atonement and Hours of Wealth. Very far from Satanic, though not necessarily life-affirming. Probably one of the most depressing bands I've listened to (I'm an optimist and they've gotten me way down on numerous times), but as for being Satanic (if you believe in that kind of thing), I wouldn't bet on it. The lyrics (which are very metaphorical and intelligent) reflect a mindset that is searching to believe but is on the negative end of it.

    But personally, I don't believe people should inject their personal beliefs when looking for music they like. The musicians in Opeth are fantastic, and Mikael Akerfeldt, the vocalist, can go from that guttural vocalizing to such a melodious voice that you'd think it was a different singer. Absolutely amazing composition and well-thought out progressive metal type songs. I'm studying for a bachelor's in music at the moment, and very impressed with Opeth. Not saying my word is final or anything of that sort, but I have listened to a lot of music and know about chord progressions and melodies and composition, and it is definitely very high-quality music.

    And yes, they do sing about the Devil in Ghost Reveries, but they do it not in a glorifying or charismatic manner, but in a way that portrays the loss, wayward mindset, and horror of being under an influence as such. Like a Christian band that, instead of praising Jesus, sings of the horrors of Lucifer, in a way.

  16. RenewingMyMind

    RenewingMyMind Guest

    Either they will stir up controversy or they won't, The use of the word probably shows a degree of doubt or that your unsure of the reaction that you will get.

    IF you printed the lyrics of heavy metal and took it to your pastor and board, I can guarantee that they would shoot it down.

    When you listen to death metal you are agreeing with the lyrics and message and our thus paying homage to evil.

    You are dividing your loyalties and grieving the Holy Spirit.

    If Jesus manifested himself in your room would you want to be listening to music that worships the devil or music that praises him.

    Get out while you can because the more you play with fire the more you will get burned and once you open a stronger doorway your world will come crashing down.

    By having cd's with pentagrams and devil lyrics in your house you give demons the right to be where they are glorified. It will only be a matter of time until things start getting eerie around the house and you will think about it when you go to bed.

    Clean the stuff out now and annoint your room with oil.

    Peace. :)
  17. RenewingMyMind

    RenewingMyMind Guest

    It's not about the music, its about the message.

    Like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

    You can't have the full package with only one spread.

    So with the band, say Slayer, you can't have the full package with only the lyrics or the instrumentals.

    I would advise that you try seeking the Bible and find some Christian fellowship at church. Try to find someone who has come out of a rough lifestyle or knows about the other side.

    If you enjoy reading pick up one of the following books by Dr. Rebecca Brown:

    1 He came to set the captives free
    2. Becoming a Vessel of Honor
    3. Prepare for War
    4. Generational Curses

    She was in the occult and all her books are about delivering people from serious occult bondage and she explains how this death metal that you think is so innocent open doorways to the occult and for demonic possession.

    Get out while you can because when you open the doorway you will be sorry and you will soon start to notice evil, eerie things around the house and unexplained things.

    You can laugh and get mad but please don't and don't take this as me yelling at you but I can't sugarcoat this kind of stuff.

    You may think its funny but you will think about it when you go to be tonight.

    Find some Christian fellowship with deliverance ministry.

    Peace and I hope as you seek you find Jesus.

    John 14:6

    Jesus answered: I am the way, the truth, and the life, No man comes to the Father except through me.

    Remember salvation is free

    Salvation Prayer:

    Dear Lord Jesus.
    I need you... I need your grace to forgive me
    and I need your love to change me.
    Thank you for your amazing love.
    Thank you for giving me eternity.
    But above all, thank you for dying on the cross for me.

    I accept You as my Lord and Savior.
    Now I'm a Christian, which means You live in me.
    I belong to You.
    I will live my life for You and I will live for you forever...

    Praying for you my friend. :prayer:
  18. Chrome

    Chrome It's a Dead Man's party

    again, you seem to think i somehow give in or agree with the message of what i listen to. If it even mattered at all to me, then i probably won't listen to it as most people don't for that sole reason.

    And again, the message won't get to you if you don't let it, we get all these yuppie mallgoths saying "oh yeah, marylin manson is so rebellious, i want to be just like him!" because they take his message to heart, these are the people you're talking about that will hear say, Deicide and want to kick christianity out and worship satan.

    Also, you seem to think every metal band has an underlying satanic message. They don't, and of all people, i should know. There is a whole genre of metal known for having anti-religious, anti-christian and satanic views (though the first two are more common) and they come right out and say it, and there's ALOT of them. If metal bands are tying to get us on satan's side, then why, as you say it, do most of them do it discretely, when it can be as easy as just coming out and proclaiming it.
    Just like christian's don't want to subtley change someone, satanists and others with a counter-view want to do just the same

    like i said, the message won't get to you if you don't let it (or are the least bit strong minded)
    i don't see violence on tv, movies, and games and become more violent
    i don't see ads and want to buy the product
    everytime i read a book, i don't always agree with the author's views

    and honestly, any of the above mediums has a can have a far more discrete way of turning us over to satan.

    you know, you're right, if i told them they were metal lyrics, then yes, they'd probably shoot it down becuase many chrisitans (and non-christians) are baised toward it, like yourself.

    trust me, if i told them that they were lyrics from a christian band, even though the lyrics don't mention christ or glorify him, they probably wouldn't know the difference.

    you know what, let me post some lyrics, they could be from a metal band, maybe a jazz band, i'll let you decide.
  19. RenewingMyMind

    RenewingMyMind Guest


    They would know the difference and why would you lie instead of just telling them who sang the lyrics and what they are about. don't just pick one song, give them the whole album. The bigger picture is you can't fool God and he knows your every thought and every subliminal thought and the intention behind it.

    Praying that start reading the word instead of conforming to the world.

    have a nice day. :prayer:
  20. morningstar2651

    morningstar2651 Senior Veteran

    Ruth Bailey, AKA "Doctor" Rebecca Brown, is a fraud. (For further reading from a Christian source, click here)
    Due to the overwhelming evidence, her license to practice medicine was revoked in 1984.

    He Came to Set the Captives Free was published in 1986 -- two years after her license to practice medicine was revoked.

    In April, 1986, she legally changed her name to Rebecca Brown, because:
    ...back on topic, I don't have any Opeth CDs, but I listened to some samples on iTunes. They're okay (depending on the song). I like their use of mild rhythmic syncopation and subtle vocal harmony, however, the bellowing of lyrics (like in The Baying of the Hounds) weakens their music.