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How many seconds do you have to follow Jesus to be saved?

Discussion in 'Struggles by Non-Christians' started by Bob8102, Mar 20, 2021.

  1. Greengardener

    Greengardener for love is of God Supporter

    United States
    Friend, there is no quick fix for this situation of humanity. You've been given a little bit of light in that you realize that God holds the answer and He showed it to us in Jesus Christ. Walk in that light. Find more light by reading His word. Particularly this week, since it approaches Passover, and Jesus is indeed the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world, it might be useful to read what Jesus told His disciples in His last days and hours. Read daily. Think on what you read. God said we could live by His words. Look for what He says to do and how it applies to your life. Even if you decide to 2 seconds to believe and obey Him, it's 2 good seconds. Be encouraged, keep it up, and grow.
  2. Bob8102

    Bob8102 Member

    United States
    I admit I tend to have a huge laziness, work-shirking problem. In times when I think I've just become a Christian, I tell myself that those days are over and I'm going to be a good worker, now.

    In recent times, I have established three major projects to work on, which are intended to not only make money, but two of them are intended specifically to glorify God. When I think I am a Christian, I set out to work on these projects. I once read that Trump only sleeps four hours per night. I also read that Thomas Edison only slept three hours per night. I've started, a short while back, going to bed at sunset and getting back out of bed about four or five hours later. Interest in doing my projects motivates this.

    When I think I'm a Christian, I am working on my projects. But when doubt about my salvation reverberates strongly enough, I drop all work on all my projects and return to seeking salvation, full time. I tell God, I'm going to keep these hours either to work on my projects, or to work on whatever He wants me to think about, instead. When I doubt my salvation, I am full time dedicated to seeking salvation. An OCD person's brain is miswired such that doubt and anxiety and panic overwhelm them repeatedly. When that happens, they become dysfunctional. For a Christian with OCD, the panic gets linked, in their thoughts, to the validity/reality of their relationship with Christ. They fear losing their salvation or that they never had it to begin with. The problems are especially intense for an OCD person, because not only does an OCD sufferer have OCD which makes them doubt their salvation, but they also have the same, sinful nature, inherited from Adam and Eve, that everyone else has. This sin nature drives them to attitudes and maybe even actions that they know are wrong, and this further adds to the doubt about their salvation.

    I keep thinking that if I take enough time to deal with the problem of "What is my relationship with God?", that if I deal with it head on for long enough, my problem will be permanently solved and then I can move on with my life. This is the OCD person's perpetual delusion. They think that something must be able to happen to permanently give them peace. But they are wrong: no seemingly appropriate, best-intents approach will ever permanently work, because the OCD brain is wired to be anxious, to panic, to doubt. No Bible reading, sermon-listening, calling on the Lord, etc., will fix the problem because it is neurological. Maybe someday they will come up with neurosurgery which can permanently fix on OCD person's problem.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2021
  3. Sophrosyne

    Sophrosyne Let Your Light Shine.. Matt 5:16

    I think too many people start out when they are saved thinking they are going to "rock the world" for Jesus and make all sorts of grandiose plans and don't realize that they have their flesh that is addicted to this and that they have to contend with. I went down the road of setting myself up for failure as a Christian and using that as an excuse making my relationship with God an "all or nothing" type deal and that doesn't work for most people. If you are a "baby" Christian you have to learn to crawl before you walk before you run and even then you have to exercise your faith even more to go compete in races if you think that is your calling.
    I figured out after extensive reading of the Bible that Jesus doesn't want us to be slaves to him he showed us that he want us to be his friends.... very best friends. When I am frustrated I talk to God and I try and have him on my mind in good and bad and found that as long as I have a friend in Jesus I don't go nuts trying to set unrealistic unacheveable goals and then shun God when I'm embarrassed again and again.
    1)Read God's word to get to know him better and better taking note of how God interacted in the New Testament as Jesus. Read Paul's writing to get to know that we need to set reasonable goals and not be hard on ourselves but rather continue to try. I have a problem in that I too get frustrated when things go on and on endlessly and don't improve and want to give up... and end up giving up to God and that is when things usually start happening.

    We are saved by BELIEVING...... NOT.... doing. If we were to measure our worth to God by our OWN deeds we would be worthless, God sees us by Jesus deeds and we have infinitely worth to him as God gave his life for us.. an infinitely powerful life. So sit back and start crawling and learning to read as a baby Christian you have to grow before you can do more and more. I'm no longer a baby Christian but I still feel I'm a child (of God).
  4. dqhall

    dqhall Well-Known Member Supporter

    United States
    Some studies showed lack of sleep puts one at risk of getting dementia. Seven to eight hours of sleep may not be bad. If you stay awake all night, but have not learned anything by sunrise, it is loss. Can you get direction for your daily work or study by praying?

    Paul made tents to support his ministry. Peter and the disciples were fishing. The early church supported some apostles as Jesus commanded the Gospel should be preached to all nations, even to the ends of the earth. I am skeptical of people who want the world to see they are praying. Jesus advised praying in private, not on a street corner.
  5. JLB777

    JLB777 Newbie Supporter


    He who says, “I know Him,” and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. 1 John 2:4

    “I know Him” is the biblical way of saying “I have eternal life”.

    See John 17:3

  6. Froggymom101

    Froggymom101 New Member

    United States
    Yes there must be effort on your part. Jesus will give the grace but you must do the work. Remember your battle is against the powers of dakness Ephesians 6:12. Of course the demons will be pulling you back. Pray and fast and trust Christ is working in you. I will be praying for you too.