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Jun 21, 2007
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In God's Amazing Grace


Let Your Light Shine.. Matt 5:16, Male, from In God's Amazing Grace

Been taken for over 7 years now :) Aug 9, 2017

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    In God's Amazing Grace
    I am not perfect in this life, but next life I will be thanks to one man, the toughest man that ever lived.. Jesus.
    I enjoy learning and teaching others about a lot of things but find very few are interested in learning from me the knowledge and wisdom I have to offer. People tend to take me as a know it all, I can come across as overbearing and arrogant to those that do not get to know me. I also have a rather quirky sense of humor that some cannot bear, it is a tool I use to soften my perceived personality in life and also it is somewhat hereditary as my parents always used all types of humor on us including jokes, stories (wild funny), pranks, harmless practical jokes etc. My mom loved buying me wacky presents and would laugh till she almost passed out when she gave them to me. My dad and I would compare our stupid mistakes of the day to see whose was the funniest, it was a great way of taking failure and turning it into a blessing.
    Please look in my blog for more...

    Computers, movie collecting, golf, frisbee, electronic tinkering.
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