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Feeling Bad about Being Over 40 and Single

Discussion in 'Mature Singles' started by Lybrah, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. Blessed Introvert

    Blessed Introvert New Member

    United States
    No worries God can use you in your singleness to help others.
  2. ThisIsMe123

    ThisIsMe123 Not sure

    United States
    So she was just getting free dinners of these guys?
  3. Messerve

    Messerve Well-Known Member

    United States
    Actually the main instance I can think of a man's wife playing with her hair around me was when I joked I had lice... (I wonder why I'm single? hahaha) Her hair was tied up in a bun before I knew what happened! ^_^

    However, the unintended affect of that interaction was that it put some probably needed distance between us. For awhile I was very concerned because she had been messaging me privately - during his birthday celebration no less. And being a good friend of his, I felt very guilty about that. He knew that she messaged me sometimes, but I don't think he knew it would go on for hours... :sorry:

    So finally in one of our conversations (on Valentine's Day, which I unthinkingly initiated) I made it clear that I didn't intend on getting between them or being part of a weird love triangle thing. Since then, my friend and I are even closer and despite my joke about lice, I remain a more distant friend of his wife's.
  4. HisGraceAbounds

    HisGraceAbounds New Member Supporter

    United States
    For me the judgment about not being married isn't nearly as bad as the judgment I get from people who find out I don't have any desire to be married or to even date. I get a lot of "why" questions from people with a look of disbelief on their faces. Even trying to remain silent or very mum about my personal life gets me some funny looks.

    It's not easy to be different, think different, feel different in this world. People, by and large, have expectations (even if they are consciously aware of them), and if you don't meet those expectations, you get treated differently - and not in a good way. Secular folks or Christians - it makes no difference.. In fact, I've been treated worse by Christians because of my views than I have from secular folks.