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Anyone Know Any Good Links For In-Depth Bible Studies?

Discussion in 'Exposition & Bible Study' started by Christian Dude, Sep 5, 2004.

  1. papaJP

    papaJP Prophet

    I have a question for everyone.since people here wanna study the Bible,well which Bible do u study?
    Are you looking for a particular Bible or is this question to stir the pot.
    My answer is many but I read the NRSV to start.

    For my info i know there are tons of different Bible and i can bet you almost more than 100 contradictions on each bibles.The translation wasn't accurate and totally different from one bible to the other.
    There are no contradictions in the Bible. The intent and the message is the same. Changes is some words are to try and reach those who have different backgrounds and teachings.

    and there are many types of christians and each and everyone give their onw theory about God.

    There is only one who is a true Christian. They are each on a different journey and at a different level of spiritual awareness. We can not all be alike as God created us differently so that we could all help each other. If we were all alike it would be a body with nothing but eyes or ears.

    so if for a beginner like me wanna study the bible,which one should i go for?

    Start with a good English modern translation like the NRSV.
    And why don't u guys read the bible in it's actual language to preserve it's meaning.

    I do but most do not have the education or ability to learn Greek, Hebrew, and the different dialects of Syrian.

    God speed and good studing. Be careful about general statements as they are not useful.
  2. heterodoxical

    heterodoxical Member

    also you get the net bible free there. Search a topic and get 830,000 seminarians, teachers and students comments on them.

    The NETbible rocks btw.

  3. droidBebe

    droidBebe Biblical Israelite

    Other Religion
  4. missjenni

    missjenni Christian Warrior

    WOW thanks soo much for all of these posts!!! God Bless
  5. Bro in Christ

    Bro in Christ Newbie


  6. Dialogist

    Dialogist Active Member

    Eastern Orthodox
    If you want some real "Old Time Religion", you might consider consulting John Chrysostom's Commentaries on the New Testament. You can find them online at http://www.ccel.org/schaff
  7. bcbsr

    bcbsr Newbie

  8. Sundown

    Sundown No title

    Is good to know that a young man has the desire to know more about God.
  9. mark kennedy

    mark kennedy Natura non facit saltum Supporter

    I would recommend a couple of the old time radio bible teachers; J Vernon Magee Through the Bible program, it's available on blue letter bible. Also on BLB if you go to a chapter in the Bible there is a switch at the top that will turn on the strongs numbers. Just click on the number beside the word and you have dictionary, commentary, concordance, the works.

    Also you might like Grace to You, the Bible teaching ministry of John MacArthur. Tons of broadcast archives with some excellent expositions. His study Bible had one of the best book introductions I've ever seen they are available on There as well.
  10. Stillicidia

    Stillicidia Revanche Flower Supporter

    A great preacher who conveys / interprets scripture very well is John Bevere.
    Particularly about the Gift of Grace,
    The waxing of a cold heart,
    and Greek translations
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  11. JDMiowa

    JDMiowa Outside the box

    Go to my posted articles
  12. JDMiowa

    JDMiowa Outside the box

  13. Daniel_

    Daniel_ Newbie

  14. Korean-American Christian

    Korean-American Christian raised Presbyterian. member of the Nazarene Church It's My Birthday!

    United States
  15. Honoluluwindow

    Honoluluwindow Active Member

  16. Kiwi Christian

    Kiwi Christian Active Member

    New Zealand
    "The ABC's Of Christian Maturity"
  17. JDMiowa

    JDMiowa Outside the box

    I wrote this bible study. I've also found more that I'm not disclosing so that you can discover it for yourself. First studying the definition of the word typology. My studies are full of typology. This one has more. Hope your digging brings forth riches beyond measure!
  18. JDMiowa

    JDMiowa Outside the box

    Genesis 15: 9-21

    God has sent up Smoke signals for us to read.

    Fire always precedes Smoke and the Smoke of God always points to the Father.

    So the pillar of fire that passed through first the cut animals and blood. Then the pillar with smoke lifting up pass through the same passage. God the Father was the first that went through as a pillar of fire and God the Son, Jesus was the second to pass through as the pillar with smoke that represented the Holy Spirit that was carried away by God's Wind that pointed to the [Fire/God] the Father. God the Son passed through the covenant that was cut so Abram and all who also believed by faith wouldn't die because of our unfaithfulness in obeying the covenant. Jesus represented humanity in this agreement that we broke. I can see all the creatures laid so that the head was on the right side with the dove also on the right side looking down the cut middle, with the rear of each animal including the pigeon on the left following behind. In Hebrew you read from right to left, so the message is that the Head of God leads the rear. Because Jesus was our, "Cosigner" in this agreement, and we had no ability to pay the debt, He covered the cost of the Covenant that was cut with God the Father. Because we broke the covenant, Jesus blood had to be shed just like the heifer, she-goat and the ram. The two birds are of the same family representing the Holy Spirit, the Dove which is a white pigeon represented God the Father's Spirit , the gray pigeon represented a carrier of good news for mankind who we can now see is Jesus Spirit. When Jesus He gave out a long breath He had revived at birth and gave it back to God at death. They were not cut with a knife to bleed because the Holy Spirit is not of flesh and blood. God became flesh so He bled when his flesh was cut off and died because of our sin. God the Father is not limited in any way. Just like the number symbol infinite is still infinite if it was cut in half,so would God also still be infinite. God aloud Himself to be cut in half for evermore so that we would not be cut off forever more. The half that was always with God and was God, is now our brother and our advocate before our and his father. God the Father is still infinite and no less Great, but half of Himself that because human flesh took our sins, something God could never do and remain a Holy God. Jesus was made sin, or more correctly, half of God was made sin and had to be cut/circumcised from the Holy half of God then die because of that act of love for us. There was always just one God. But God also wanted to be our brother who became 100% humanity to save us from our sin!

    Now at this time of year let all of us remember how Jesus body was cut and broken from God the Father so we can be reunited with God the Father. When we break bread without yeast/sin, let us remember Jesus who also was without sin and had His body broken in our place. Where there's Smoke there's Fire. Let's fallow the Smoke that leads us to the [Fire/ God the Father] that broke off His own Flesh [Jesus/The Pillar] that had the [Smoke/Holy Spirit] in Him and that preceded from Him to us. Let's breathe in His smoke to change us from within. Then share His Holy Spirit to others with the breath God gave us.