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Another sovereign citizen mom has kidnapped her child

Discussion in 'News & Current Events (Articles Required)' started by essentialsaltes, Oct 1, 2020.

  1. essentialsaltes

    essentialsaltes Stranger in a Strange Land

    Legal Union (Other)
    Another sovereign citizen Mom Has Allegedly Kidnapped Her Kid

    A self-proclaimed psychic has become the latest [redacted] supporter to apparently be spurred to action by bizarre child-trafficking conspiracy theories and fringe legal ideas.

    A [mom] in Utah has allegedly abducted her 6-year-old son in an incident marking the latest collision between the pro-Trump conspiracy theory, child custody disputes, and quack “sovereign citizen” legal theories.

    Emily Jolley, a self-proclaimed psychic and “mindfulness teacher,” is believed to have taken her son Terran on Sunday, according to the Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake. Jolley does not have legal custody of her son, and allegedly abducted him during a once-a-month supervised visitation.

    The whereabouts of Jolley and her son are unknown, and an Amber Alert issued for Terran is still active. It’s not clear why Jolley initially lost custody of her son.

    Jolley has ties to the sovereign citizen movement, according to Det. Dan Moriarty, a detective investigating Terran’s disappearance.

    “The mom does really seem like she aligns with the sovereign citizen stuff,” Moriarty told The Daily Beast.

    Timothy Butler, Terran’s father, told a Utah TV station that he suspects Jolley is being harbored by a group of sovereign citizens.

    In a Facebook livestream on Tuesday night promoting the effort to locate Terran, Jolley’s twin sister, Erica Wanner, said Jolley became interested in sovereign citizen legal tactics as a way to regain custody of her son.

    “That’s when she sought out that sovereignty group,” Wanner said in the Facebook video.

    In August, The Daily Beast reported on a network of [folks] and bogus legal experts across the country who focus on mothers who have lost custody of their children. Convincing the women that their children have been funneled by Child Protective Services into the kind of sex-trafficking networks envisioned in the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, they then tell the women to use ludicrous legal maneuvers borrowed from the anti-government “sovereign citizen” movement.

    Sometimes, these custody fights turn criminal. In one case, a [mom] in Kentucky allegedly kidnapped her twin daughters, and was later found hiding out with a group of anti-government sovereign citizens.
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  2. ananda

    ananda Early Buddhist

    A sovereign is not a citizen.
  3. St_Worm2

    St_Worm2 Simul Justus et Peccator Supporter

    United States
    I didn't know what a "sovereign citizen" was, so I looked it up. For anyone else who doesn't know, here you go. Is this simply a new PC term for "anarchist" :scratch:

    Sovereign Citizen Movement
    The sovereign citizen movement is a loose grouping of American litigants, commentators, tax protesters, and financial-scheme promoters. Self-described "sovereign citizens" see themselves as answerable only to their particular interpretations of the common law and as not subject to any government statutes or proceedings. Wikipedia
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  4. durangodawood

    durangodawood Dis Member

    United States
    Quite the Quack.

    Now.... time for my Quiddich game.....
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2020
  5. trunks2k

    trunks2k Contributor

    No. Anarchists believe that there shouldn't be a government, but they recognize the existence of them and they are subject to laws (they may not follow them, but they understand that they can get thrown in jail). Sovereign Citizens have a very, very strange set of political/legal beliefs. They believe all sorts of weird things about the law, such as laws literally not applying to them. Like, they think that they can drive without a license and can use some legal mumb-jumbo/magical legal phrasing to avoid being prosecuted for it.
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