1. T

    Who first used the term “unpardonable sin”

    Hello brothers and sisters. My question is not on what the unpardonable sin is, at all. My question is, who first coined the term(s), or who first used the term(s), “unforgivable sin” and “unpardonable sin”? These terms are nowhere in the Bible. I know the scriptures they represent, but who...
  2. T

    Romans 9 Question

    Blessings Brothers and Sisters, Does anyone have articles or links they can send me on the early Church’s’ interpretation of Romans 9? What I have found thus far is the early Church did not look at Romans 9 in a double predestination sense. I have not found many articles though, very few...
  3. Reader Antonius

    On St. Gregory Palamas, the Essence & Energies Distinction, and Finding a Way Forward

    Pax, Ειρήνη, שלום! Christ is Crucified! Σώτερ σώσον ημάς! Dear brothers and sisters of the Eastern Orthodox Churches, Firstly, I wish all of y'all a blessed & solemn Great & Holy Friday. Pascha is coming; I know of many Greek Catholics who are aching for the day as they also follow the Julian...
  4. ruthiesea

    The movie Ruby Bridges removed by Pinellas County school board

    https://www.tampabay.com/news/education/2023/03/27/removal-ruby-bridges-film-pinellas-school-sparks-outrage/ Does accurate history hurt or is it an opportunity for discussion about past events?
  5. J

    Looking for documents from the Methodist Protestant Church

    I'm doing some research on the denominations that preceded the United Methodist Church. The evolution of discipline within the Methodist Episcopal Church (North and South) is pretty well documented in their Doctrines and Discipline published every four years, but I haven't been able to find much...
  6. Christ2132

    Does the Bible contain the latin word "virtus" (virtue)?

    Hello all together, I am looking for Bible passages which contain the latin expression "virtus" - does such a passage exist? I'd be really thankful if anyone could help me. God bless you
  7. Kilk1

    Any patristic sources on 1 Timothy 2:11-12 that address whether the context is the church?

    1 Timothy 2:11-12 has been variously understood. One view I recently heard is that it teaches women to be silent not only in church, as is the case in 1 Corinthians 14:34-35, but also in secular matters. After making several contextual arguments for women not to teach with authority, this...
  8. jcpartri

    God at work in human history

    Now that the church as several thousand years of history behind it, we clearly see that there are times of great revival of the faith, and great times of falling away and persecution. I truly believe that God works in ALL of human history, and that it is part of His sovereign plan, regardless...
  9. T

    Cyril and Methodius - 863 AD

    We commemorate the coming of these two missionaries to Great Moravia, today. They were the first to bring understandable message of Christianity to the Central Europe. Priests from Great Moravia later brought the work to the Eastern Europe, too. They also created the old Slavonic font to be...
  10. EclipseEventSigns

    The 7000 years of human history - with proof

    Anyone can verify this for themselves. 1. Assuming that God's word is true when it states in multiple places that 1000 literal years is equivalent to a Day according to God, then this provides some tangible data points. 2. Two additional data points provide some boundaries. The 1000 year...
  11. G

    The truth is, God was invited to create - who invited you to evolve?

    Hi there, So yes, simple fact: What can we learn from this? Can we not make a simple parallel with Evolution? Who invited us to evolve? If we are invited, we can understand the way in which we are invited, can we not? Also what is expected? Also how long it takes? If I am being invited to...
  12. EclipseEventSigns

    Uncovered! Did Enoch Predict The Rapture Of The Church?

    The Bible contains much historical information which can be used to construct a complete timeline of human history. There are many cycles and patterns which become evident. One of those is the rapture of Enoch. Does the year of his rapture predict the precise year that the Church will be...
  13. EclipseEventSigns

    Discovered! The Real Jewish Calendar - Appendix A. Evidence Of Josephus

    The current modern Jewish calendar can not be used to accurately date historical events before 350AD. Although the structure of the calendar was not different, a very important and little appreciated detail in how the calendar was synchronized with the seasons has been overlooked. In this...
  14. Honor Vids

    Honor Vids

    We release original biographies to honor Christian heroes. Our site focuses on noble figures who are recently departed and deserve memorial. Videos and more to be released free of charge.
  15. JohnEmmett

    Great Unconformity

    For more than 150 years, geologists have been aware of ‘missing’ layers of rock from the Earth’s geological record. Up to one billion years appear to have been erased in what’s known as the Great Unconformity. Many theories to explain this have been proposed… https://www.nature.com/
  16. A_Thinker

    Ye olde anti-vaxxers ...

    From ... The Long View: Ye Olde Anti-Vaxxers "In March 1885, a train from Chicago arrived at Bonaventure Station in Montréal with a particularly dangerous passenger: smallpox. George Longley, train conductor, feverish and boiling with pustules, found a bed and medical care at the Hôtel-Dieu...
  17. Humble Penny

    Biblical Chronology: From Adam To The End Of The World (conclusion)

    This concludes my work on Biblical Chronology: From Adam To The End Of The World. As you all can see I have cited each place where I found my information and have been able to prove without a shadow of a doubt the truthfulness of my work. For those who still doubt the authenticity of the...
  18. Humble Penny

    Biblical Chronology: From Adam To The End Of The World (5500-6000; 6000-7000 Anno Mundi - Miellenial Reign To Final Judgment)

    With Biblical Chronology: From Adam To The End Of The World (5017-5500 Anno Mundi - Babylon To Cyrus; Cyrus To Christ) completed the final step is to account for the 70th Week of Daniel 9 and the Millennial Reign of Christ: 5,500 Years (Adam to Christ) 500 Years (Christ to Millennial Reign)...
  19. Humble Penny

    Biblical Chronology: From Adam To The End Of The World (5017-5500 Anno Mundi - Babylon To Cyrus; Cyrus To Christ)

    Continuing from the reign of the kings of Israel and Judah in Biblical Chronology: From Adam To The End Of The World (4947 Anno Mundi - Saul To Babylon) we must account for the time from Babylon to Cyrus and from Cyrus to Christ. Once this is complete we may determine the truth of the time span...
  20. Humble Penny

    Biblical Chronology: From Adam To The End Of The World (3919 Anno Mundi - Abraham To Moses)

    Picking up from Biblical Chronology: From Adam To The End Of The World (3489 Anno Mundi - Flood To Abraham) we will account for the time from Abraham to Moses: God's Reckoning 55 Years (From Isaac's 5th Year)⁴ 91 Years (Jacob)⁵ 39 Years (Joseph)⁶ 17 Years (Jacob dies in his 147th Year) 54 Years...