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    Name a movie with a city in the title.

    Leaving Las Vegas
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    The Holidays blew me into a fog

    tomorrow must be better than today because right now today is pretty bad. I have not even eaten since tuesday,just drank. so wow and shame on me again for even trying to help or give support to anyone. my Christmas totally had to be the worst one ever and I drank myself to sleep through most of...
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    Sometimes I just don't care

    I understand. I too am trying to bring myself back to soberness. I wish you well. I do.
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    Scariest Movie Ever?

    Quarentine too. I was mad at the whole film though. You see it through a cameramans side. I like photography. I pay attention to detail I think. If it isn't realistic it won't scare me.
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    Scariest Movie Ever?

    That was not even real ^ and I knew that bt the camera work at times made me jump. Not remotely scary for me. I was scared watching The Haunting In Connecticut.
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    Last movie you watched (9)

    The Hangover
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    still not seen this one and probably won't at the theatre.
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    What was the last movie you saw (3)

    The Hangover
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    Psychotic Nonsense Game (9)

    shrinking pores is a real scientific phenomena
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    Words that start with A

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    sweet but can be deadly..huntavirus :(
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    Aaaah randomness...

    I miss my parents.
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    *~*~*~ songs you love ~*~*~*

    From Polar Express! too. I love Jewel's Ave Maria. Go hear it on Youtube
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    Tell me what is on your mind

    that's about it!
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    What Are You Thinking Of? (3)

    amazon is nailing me on shipping :(