Apply for Staff

Applying for CF Staff

All CF staff members are considered to be in positions of ministry at Christian Forums. If you are interested in volunteering to be a moderator at CF, please review the following requirements before submitting your application. To submit an application, please start a thread in the Moderator Applications forum in the Support Center.

Moderator Application Guidelines

In order to apply to be a moderator, applicants must have been an active member at Christian Forums for at least three months with a minimum of 200 posts during the past three months. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and willing to dedicate approximately five hours per week to this ministry. Applicants must be Christians (please see our Statement of Faith).

  • The moderator application thread is in a confidential private forum viewable to the applicant and CF staff members only.
  • CF staff members will review the applicants past posting style, warning/infraction record, and any other pertinent information as needed during the application process.
  • During the interview process applicants will be given a set of questions to answer. A short essay will be included to assess the applicant's communication skills.
  • IP checks will be run on all applicants as standard practice. The applicant will be given a chance to address any questionable IP results in their application.

Staff Removals:

Staff serve at the pleasure of the CEO, and may be removed at will.