Moderation Protocol

Staff Actions for Violation of CF Rules

Members and staff may report posts, signatures, avatars, custom titles, PMs, Chat Box comments, etc. which they think may be in violation of CF Forums' rules. Staff members review reports and come to consensus on whether or not there is a violation, and if so, what the consequences should be. Rule violations will be actioned by Counseling PM's, GPM's, RFE's, Warnings, and Bans.

  • Counseling Private Message (CPM): issued once and do not expire
  • RFE: Request for Edit
  • GPM: Grace Private Message
  • 1-3 Warnings: worth 1 point and expire after 3 months. When a member receives 3 points (a 3rd warning) they will receive a 30 day ban.
  • Infraction (4th Warning): worth 1 point and expires after 6 months. When a member receives a 4th point they will receive a 90 day ban.
  • Bans: used at the discretion of staff

Staff action process is as follows:

  • 1st violation: Counseling Private Message (CPM)
  • Subsequent violations: Warnings

RFE's, GPM's and Bans may be issued at the discretion of staff. Three points will result in a one month sitewide ban from CF. Four points will result in a three month sitewide ban from CF.

Types of Bans

  • Eban: An e-ban is a permanent site wide ban for members with fewer than 100 posts who are spamming or trolling the board.
  • Cool-down ban: Staff may issue cool-down bans at any time, with a duration of 24-96 hours.
  • Thread Ban: Staff may ban members from individual threads for multiple violations within threads.
  • Forum Ban: Staff may ban members from specific forums for multiple violations within forums.
  • Normal Ban: Supervisors and Admins may issue an indefinite site wide ban contingent on the member opening a thread via the Contact Us link for removal of ban.
  • Admin Ban: Admins may issue permanent bans to members for unacceptable behavior.

Warnings may be appealed by opening up a (Ticket).