Staff Job Descriptions

All CF staff members are considered to be in positions of ministry on CF. They pray for the site and look for ways to pray and encourage the membership, as well as to be a light for Jesus in the forums.

Trainee Moderators

The Moderator Trainee is a new moderator recently selected by the team. The Trainee will have classroom training under the Staff Training Manager. Upon completion of the classroom training, the Trainee Moderator will then join the team for a 30 day hands-on training period. Administrators will assign a senior staff member to mentor the Trainee during this time. During hands-on training they will maintain a presence in the forums, post mod hats to diffuse situations in threads, and use mod tools in the forums when required as approved by their mentor.


Moderators work all reports according to moderation protocol. Moderators may close threads and remove posts for staff review. Moderators maintain a presence in the forums, post mod hats to diffuse situations in threads, and bring issues to the attention of the Supervisors.

Red Team Moderators

These are the staffers who may or may not make quota, but they still contribute when they can and are valuable to the team. They help by posting staff action histories, giving input towards consensus, and working reports that have reached consensus or have a directive for a staff action. They may do the normal limited unilateral actions (close threads, move threads, etc), and they are encouraged to have a 4/1 quota. Red team members may not want or be able to contribute the amount of time to working reports as some other staff members, and this is fine. It will be easy, however, for Red Team - Moderators to become Purple Team - Moderators. If they feel like they've been making quota and then some, they just need to let the Report Area Admin know. This admin can explain what's expected, and if they agree, they can be moved over.

Purple Team Moderators

These are the staff members who are more active in posting member staff action history, giving input in reports, and actioning reports. They are here virtually every day and work or vote in multiple reports daily. They are given more leeway for doing unilateral actions. They may unilaterally work CPMs, NVs, Grace PMs, and RFEs. Unilateral actions should always be in alignment with Moderation Protocols. If a Supervisor or Admin/Advisor disagrees with a unilateral action, the report may be revisited for further input. There is no quota for this team because that's not what drives them. If, however, production falls off, the Report Area Admin will contact them to find out why, and move them if necessary.


Supervisors are very active in reports and understand how to moderate according to policies and protocols. They have demonstrated that they are committed to spending time working reports correctly and giving input. They have demonstrated the ability to be impartial and unbiased. Supervisors can do all of the unilateral actions that the Purple Team Moderators do, but they can also issue directives for those same actions. They can elevate issues to discuss with other Supers in the Supervisor's forum. If Supers disagree with the consensus reached in a report, they may put a hold on the report and elevate the report for further review. If their activity level decreases then the Report Area Admin would discuss this with the Admin team and the Advisors to determine what action to take. Supervisors may be asked to work closely with Admins on Ambassador Teams and attend meetings to ensure the proper running of CF area forums.

Community Coordinator

The Community Coordinator is focused on infusing our membership and staff with a passion for the vision of Christian Forums. The Community Coordinator manages our CF Ambassadors and CF Angels and looks for ways to mentor and encourage these ministry groups. They recommend ideas for bringing the atmosphere of Christian Forums closer to loving God and loving people, by promoting the mission of Christian unity. The CC looks for ways to engage the forum on topics of interest and strives to personally demonstrate the CF mission in all interactions with members and staff.

Community Mentor

The Community Mentor helps acclimate new members. In addition, he/she provides mentoring to those with less than 200 posts who may have difficulties with the rules or multiple violations to understand and work within the rules of Christian Forums. They also help these newer members close to a ban make a last effort to avoid the action by identifying problems and helping construct a plan of behavior that fits the rules and takes the particular issues of the poster into account. If these issues are more of a community wide issue than an individual one, the Admins, Community Coordinator and/or Advisors may request assistance of the Community Mentor in helping to resolve the issue on a larger level. The Community Mentor is instrumental in helping Christian Forums make sure the site does not lose the voice of a member if it is avoidable.


Administrators are responsible for the hiring and firing of CF staff. They mentor the Supervisors, ensuring they are able to take over Admin duties when these positions become available. They mediate staff issues and staff complaints. Admins run and operate the Support Services forum. They respond to elevated reports, report appeals and forum issues as well as resolve member complaints. Admins work with Advisors on policy and procedures. They work together on forum and staff development, always looking for new improvements to the moderation system. Admins are responsible for specific information management role(s).

Human Resources/Profile Manager

Adds members to staff when hired and moves staff to different levels when promoted. Posts all staff HR related updates and announcements in the Staff Conference Room. Keeps staff HR files up-to-date. Manages all of the moderator application threads in the Moderator Applications forum. In charge of all requests from staff for issues related to a member's profile; username changes, removal of expired staff actions, IP checks, and self-ban requests.

Ticket Support Manager

The Ticket Support Manager is in charge of keeping the Ticket Support Area organized and running smoothly. Makes sure that Tickets are handled in a timely and efficient manner. May at times request that a specific member of staff work a Ticket.

Policy Manager

The Policy Manager compiles the Advisors' and Admins' final decisions on policy into a cohesive collection for staff use, updates the FAQ's as necessary, and answers questions or concerns from staff and members on rules, policies, and protocol. They mentor all staff in the reports forum and in the staff conference rooms.

Assistant Policy Manager

Assists the Policy manager by answering questions or concerns from staff and members on rules, polices, and protocol. Mentors staff in the reports forum and in Staff Conference Room. Keeps up with all of the threads in Staff Conference Room, the S/A forum, and the Admin forum. Makes sure that requests or questions are acted on or followed up. Will send PM's if needed to Admins and Advisors to get decisions, updates, etc., in response to threads in the staff forums.

Recovery Manager

The Recovery Manager oversees development and training of the Recovery staff. Assists with Recovery reports as needed. Looks for any issues which are developing in the Recovery forum areas with either specific members, groups of members, or the forums themselves.

Training Manager

The Training Manager trains new staff. They are responsible to update the staff training area and edit the CF Training Manual when new moderation systems and protocols are developed. They mentor all staff in the report forums and the staff conference room, focusing on retraining when needed.


The Chaplains are ordained clergy appointed by the Advisors and CEO upon the recommendation of the current Chaplains. Chaplains report directly to the Advisors and are not a part of the general CF moderating structure, although Chaplains are able to eban trolls posting pornography and vulgarities. Chaplains respond to questions in the Ask a Chaplain forum, assist the staff in responding to members and staff with acute personal and spiritual needs, and encourage unity among the staff. The Chaplains work as a team in handling their responsibilities, including all the normal moderating functions within the Ask a Chaplain forum.

Assistant Advisor

The Assistant Advisor assists the CEO's Advisors in their management of CF. They keep an eye on threads in all staff forums to see what concerns and issues may be taking place and will relay these concerns/issues to the Advisors. They monitor and record the moderation statistics for all staff members and regularly post the results in the Admin forum. They contact staff members to give needed encouragement and recognition, and they also identify staff members who are in need of mentoring (to meet their weekly job commitment). They will provide recommendations for promotions or removals from staff to the Advisors and the Admin team for discussion and review. The Assistant Advisor may take on special projects at the request of the Advisors.

CEO's Advisors

Advisors assist the CEO in the running of the board. They may remove staff and/or members as needed. Advisors ensure that the vision of the site is being achieved. They may make executive decisions pertaining to the governance of the site. Advisors manage the Contact Us link, taking care of requests from staff and members regarding their accounts.


The CEO may discipline/remove staff and ban members at his discretion, and implement guidelines and protocols at his discretion.

He or his delegates will also do all the server administration, software modifications, and hardware maintenance. The webmaster will also appoint Advisors.

This position is held by CF's Webmaster: Rex and Brent W.