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God's Faithfulness In Baptism In Water

By quietbloke · Aug 28, 2020 · ·
  1. In 1966 I was still going beween two churches. The Presbyterian Church and the Pentecostal AOG. It was announced at AOG that a Baptismal Service was to be held and I was invited to be a participant. I asked my Presbyterian Minister,who I loved and respected,if I could be baptised in his church. He said,'You have already been baptised when you were a baby'. I explained that I wanted to be baptised by full immersion as a believer in Jesus Christ. He said kindly,but firmly,'We don't do that here. If that is what you want,you need to join your friends up the road'. So I did and never looked back,although I appreciated my upbringing there. I was baptised in water in obedience to my LORD and Master,Jesus Christ my Saviour. It was a wonderful experience,symbolic of death to sin and new life through Christ. 'Follow,follow I would follow Jesus...'

    About Author

    quiet bloke. An ordinary bloke with an extraordinary God!
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  1. Anthony2019
    I was never baptised when I was younger and immediately after I had come to faith I made the decision to be baptised. I was baptised by full immersion. I was surrounded by wonderful Christian friends and family who all cheered me on as I went down into the water.

    I was a student at the time at university and, living on grants, money was always a bit tight. I had a very close friend living down south who I wanted to come and play the piano for the service. I paid for her petrol to come up. Weeks later, I got a mysterious cheque in the post from another family member for the exact amount I had paid for the petrol. The person who sent the cheque had no idea what I had spent, in fact they weren't aware that I had spent anything at all. I believe to this day that God was looking after me and no detail, however small, had escaped his attention!
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    1. quietbloke
      You inspire me,my friend,'Anthony'.
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