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Your forum name

Discussion in 'Friendship Court' started by psycmajor, May 22, 2002.

  1. Godsgurl4ever2006

    Godsgurl4ever2006 Active Member

    Mine was because I planned on being God's girl and 2006 is the year i graduate....but it seems to have turned out differently
  2. Daniella

    Daniella ô¿ô what are ya lookin at

    well cuz my real name is Danielle and while on the phone with my jobs the lady said Daniella (when she knew my name was danielle) so well ya its kinda stuck and i like being called Daniella more then Danielle it makes my name not so popular saying Daniella lol :D
  3. Jedi

    Jedi Knight

    I chose “Jedi” for a couple of reasons. The first is that it’s associated with those light saber-swinging good-guys in Star Wars (too cool), but Jedi is also a title Hebrew in origin and means “Beloved by God.” So it has a nice double-reference. Bet you didn’t know that about Star Wars, huh? :)

    This is also not to mention that I think of our current situation here on earth similar to Star Wars. You have the Christians (Jedi), who feel the force (God), wield light sabers (the word of God), who go to church (Jedi Temples), and so on. But then there’s a flip side, and we have those who oppose Christianity, the non-believers (the Sith), who attack Christians and have their own atheistic, philosophical literature to use as weapons (their light sabers), and it seems their driving force is their intellectual pride (pride being the dark side of the force).
  4. Job_38

    Job_38 <font size="1"> In perfect orbit they have circled

    Job_38, cause its a cool chapter in that book.
  5. DeleseRose

    DeleseRose DeleseRose

    Well my name is rose and my lot number is 232. there is no imagination n my name just lazziness. :)
  6. girlscoutdropout

    girlscoutdropout scroll button 1, 2, 1, 2!

    was a girlscout

    not anymore


    it's been my handle for years, and i've grown quite atatched to it.&nbsp; although i'm not the same person i was before, i just can't leave the name behind ;)
  7. Smilin

    Smilin Spirit of the Wolf

    LOL....you sound like my daughter...LOL
  8. Smilin

    Smilin Spirit of the Wolf

    Geee...and they told me you were 'George'...now I gotta thrash somebody... :D
  9. GodBoy809

    GodBoy809 Servant of Christ

    i picked mine because its what i am. Godboy, i am a God boy. and the numbers 809 are just the numbers i always use on the end of a screen name.
  10. Dawn Marie

    Dawn Marie Soda for Wine

    My boyfriend calls me his angel... so that's where mine came from. :pink: And the X's are cuz I'm straightedge I guess... I dunno. :D
  11. mistygail

    mistygail Member

    I use it everywhere, It is my first and middle name. :D Easy enough I suppose
  12. coolhandluke

    coolhandluke *a princess*

    It's the name of one of my favorite bands.

  13. george

    george Veteran

    well, I actually wanted undergrace, but I ended up&nbsp;with&nbsp;george instead.
  14. stillsmallvoice

    stillsmallvoice The Narn rule!

    Hi all!

    I took mine from the lesson that God taught Elijah in I Kings 19:11-12.

    I wonder if these verses inspired Stephen Crane to write The livid lightnings flashed in the clouds:

    The livid lightnings flashed in the clouds;
    The leaden thunders crashed.
    A worshipper raised his arm.
    "Hearken! Hearken! The voice of God!"

    "Not so," said a man.
    "The voice of God whispers in the heart
    So softly
    That the soul pauses,
    Making no noise,
    And strives for these melodies,
    Distant, sighing, like faintest breath,
    And all the being is still to hear."

    Be well!

    ssv :wave:
  15. sydney

    sydney New Member

    I've used this nick for awhile on other boards and such. I have this wierd obession/infatuation with Australia and on a tv show I really like, the main character is named that. And its what I want to name my future daughter :D God willing.
    Buh Bye!
  16. CJF

    CJF ...love alters not...

    Mine is kinda self explanetory. But, DARRION is a girl in the Left Behind Kids series, and S stands for Stahley, DARRION's lat name, so I am DARRIONS.

    It's not DARRION S. LIke if my name was Lilly and my last name was Peterson, they'd say Lilly P. That's not was it is. it's just DARRIONS. Like more than one. Get it?