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World News Preview

Discussion in 'Eschatology - Endtimes & Prophecy Forum' started by keras, May 19, 2019.

  1. Jonathan Walkerin

    Jonathan Walkerin Well-Known Member

    "Oho!" said the pot to the kettle;
    "You are dirty and ugly and black!
  2. Lost4words

    Lost4words Jesus I Trust In You Supporter

    United Kingdom
    As a partial preterist, i believe in the evidence put forward by our study of the Bible. It all makes complete sense unlike your own individual view / belief.

    God bless you anyway my friend
  3. keras

    keras Writer of studies on Bible prophecy

    New Zealand
    Ezekiel 7:2-9 The Lord God says to the Land of Israel; The end is coming, it will affect all the earth. First, I shall unleash My anger upon you. I shall call you to account for all your sins and abominations that are in your midst. I will not pity nor spare you. Disasters are coming, one after the other, doom is upon you, dweller in the Land - the Day is near – a Day of panic and you will know that it is I, the Lord who has struck you. Isaiah 63:1-6, Isaiah 66:15-16, Psalms 50:1-3, Malachi 4:1,Zephaniah 1:14-18.

    Ezekiel 14:21-23 There is no hope for Jerusalem when I inflict My four punishments upon her, yet some survivors will be left in her- both men and women. Look at them as they come out, they will be a consolation for the disaster I have brought to her. When you look upon their conduct and actions, you will realise that I acted with just cause. Isaiah 22:1-14 Zephaniah 3:11-13

    Ezekiel 16:59-63 The Lord says; I shall treat you as you deserve, because you violated an oath and broke our covenant. But I shall remember you as in the days of your youth and will establish an everlasting covenant with you. Once I have pardoned you, [Judah] you will be so ashamed and humiliated when you remember all your past conduct that you will never again open your mouth. Zechariah 12:5

    This prophecy is about the end of the world as we know it. The Day of the Lord’s vengeance and fiery wrath, will change our way of life. Those ‘dwellers in the Land’, that is in Greater Israel, face severe punishments for their sins and abominations.

    THEN, the rest of all the 12 tribes of Israelites will join the remnant in all the Land of Greater Israel, to prepare for the Return of Jesus. Ezekiel 20:34-38, Ezekiel 36:8-12, Isaiah 11:11-12.

    Isaiah 65:1-2 I was ready to respond, but no one asked – I said; Here I am, to a nation who would not call out to Me. All day long, I hold out My hands, appealing to those rebellious people, but they went their own, evil way and pursued their own devices.

    Isaiah 65:3-7 They were a people who provoked Me by sacrificing to idols and eating unclean things. Such people are an anathema to Me. Your record lies before Me, I shall fully repay your iniquities, both yours and your forefathers.

    Isaiah 65:8-9 The Lord says; as there is juice in a bunch of grapes, so I shall act for the sake of My servants. I shall leave a remnant, giving descendants to Jacob and heirs to Judah. My chosen ones will possess the Land. Those who serve Me will live there. Sheep and cattle will graze there, they will belong to My peoplethose who seek Me.

    Isaiah 41:19-21 Micah 4:6 Ezekiel 34:11-16, Romans 9:24-26

    Isaiah 65:11-12 But you who forsake the Lord, I shall destine you for the sword, because when I called, you did not answer, you chose what displeased Me.

    Isaiah 65:13-16 The Lord says; My servants will eat, drink and rejoice, while you are put to shame. You will cry in anguish, but My righteous people, I will call by another name. All their troubles are forgotten, out of sight. Ref: REB. Some verses abridged.

    Isaiah 65:8-16 The Lord’s righteous people will live in New Israel. Isaiah 65:17-25 describes the joys and blessings of the Millennium reign of Jesus, to come later.

    Ancient Israel disobeyed the Lord and failed to follow His commands. Now, modern Israel [the Jews] fail to acknowledge how God has supported them. Also, the modern House of Israel [the western nations] are mostly atheistic or apostate. The Lord is going to judge and punish both Judah and Israel, leaving only a remnant.

    V9 ‘My chosen people, those who seek Me, will possess the Promised Land. [Every faithful Christian; this will happen before the Return of Jesus]

    V 13 “My servants will live in peace and security, while your enemies are shamed”.
  4. keras

    keras Writer of studies on Bible prophecy

    New Zealand
    Here are Bible passages that confirm the fact that the Day of the Lord’s vengeance and wrath is some time before His glorious Return. His people, righteous Israel, every faithful Christian who believes in God and keeps His Commandments, will live there in prosperity and peace. Ezekiel 34:11-31, Ezekiel 39:25-29, Isaiah 35:1-10, Amos 9:13-15

    Isaiah 66:15-24 ...the Lord coming in fire [not on a cloud, in His glory, at this time],

    ...bringing retribution in anger.

    The Lord will judge with fire and sword and test all mankind. All those unclean and wicked will die.

    I will gather peoples of every tongue- they: [all Christians] will see My glory. 2 Thessalonians 1:10....revealed to His own.

    I shall put a sign on [some of] those survivors and will send them to declare My glory to all the nations. Before the Return –these are the 144,000, Rev 7 & 14, Isaiah 66:19

    From all the world, your fellow peoples will come, on every conveyance, like offerings to the Lord. Some will become My priests. Revelation 5:10
    His Christian people will rebuild the Temple and serve in it. 1 Peter 2:9, Rev. 11:1-2]

    As the New heavens and New earth that I am making will endure, so will your posterity endure. This will happen at the end of the Millennium, Revelation 21:1-7

    All mankind will come to bow before Me. They will see what happened to those who rebelled against Me. This will happen during the Millennium. Zechariah 14:16

    Jeremiah 30:3 ...both Israel and Judah will return to the Land. A remnant; only as faithful Christians. But, first the Land is cleared and cleansed, Deuteronomy 32:43-43

    Jeremiah 30:4-11 The Lord says to Israel and Judah, “How awful is that Day, a cry of terror, anguish for Jacob. His people, their faith tested.. Psalms 30:4-5, Eze 21:7

    On that Day, I will save My people. The terrible Day of the Lord/the sixth seal, coronal mass ejection from the sun. Isaiah 30:26, Isaiah 32:15-20

    Do not despair, [faithful] Israel, I will bring you back safely from afar. Isaiah 51:3

    Deuteronomy 32:41-43 I will sharpen My flashing sword and take vengeance on those who hate Me. Rejoice, you heavens, He will avenge His people and cleanse their Land . Ref: REB some verses abridged.

    There is a wonderful logic in the promise that those people who love the Lord will live in the Promised Land and all those prophecies to His holy people will be fulfilled. They will settle there and be “a light to all nations” as God originally intended.

    Isaiah 60:3.... over you, His glory will appear and nations will travel to your light.

    Very soon, there will be worldwide, dramatic events, especially in the Middle East, which will completely change the area. The Lord’s faithful people will go to live in all of the holy Land.

    When the Lord Jesus returns, He will save those people from the attacking armies of the Anti Christ. The sudden and complete destruction of those armies as described in

    Rev. 19:17-21, does not match the Sixth Seal : Rev 6:12-17, or the many other verses describing the Lord’s Day of wrath and vengeance. Amos 5:18-20, Joel 2:11

    Then those Gentile people who have refused the “mark of the beast” will join them, Matthew 24:31, and live in the Land, Isaiah 56:8, under King Jesus, for 1000 years.