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Why would eternal life hinge on a belief?

Discussion in 'Struggles by Non-Christians' started by hubble9458, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. hubble9458

    hubble9458 New Member

    United States
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    Thank you Anastasia for your considerate reply.

    As you say this topic seems difficult to cover in depth in a forum; but it appears that the orthodox christian position may be more compatible with me. I grew up in a protestant environment and have struggled with what I was taught as a child for over a decade. It has basically driven me to agnosticism while leaving an inexplicable yearning to find some version of christianity that resonates with me. I just need to find a perspective that doesn't leave me feeling as though i've sacrificed my intellectual integrity. What sources would you recommend for me to learn more about the beliefs of the early church? Are there any books, websites, or particular articles that could expand my knowledge in this area?
  2. ~Anastasia~

    ~Anastasia~ † Servant of God † Supporter CF Senior Ambassador

    United States
    Eastern Orthodox
    You are most welcome. I remember asking some of these questions myself and have met many others who have also.

    The body of theology is huge and very rich.

    Some people like to learn from history, some prefer to take it one idea at a time. For Protestants, they are usually more concerned about making sure doctrines make sense and talk about interpreting Scripture.

    I'd like to invite you to come to the EO board on CF - TAW. It's a great place to start and see what your concerns are and address them directly. It's always better (IMO) to be able to ask questions, because there are a lot of topics that we have a tendency to misunderstand and assume the other means something different, depending on our different backgrounds. The Ancient Way - Eastern Orthodox

    With that said, I could recommend the GOARCH website if you want online topics. Theology - Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

    Ancient Faith Radio is good if you like podcasts. I'd recommend Orthodoxy Live by Fr. Evan Armitas (Orthodoxy Live | Ancient Faith Ministries), Faith Encouraged Live by Fr. Barnabas Powell (Faith Encouraged Live | Ancient Faith Ministries), At the Intersection of East and West by Dcn. Michael Hyatt (At the Intersection of East and West | Ancient Faith Ministries), and Our Life in Christ by Steve Robinson and Bill Gould (Our Life in Christ | Ancient Faith Ministries).

    As for books, most people will mention The Orthodox Church by Met. Kallistos Ware (which is also available free online in pdf - Orthodox Church - Table of Contents - IntraText CT) but it's a kind of nuts and bolts, history and theology book.

    Normally they don't send folks right into the thoughts/practice side of it, but there is such wisdom there. I suppose many want to be sure if doctrines first, but I think so many could benefit from books like Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives by Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica.

    But what I'd really recommend is dropping by TAW. You can ask questions there and get more direct recommendations based on what you are particularly wanting to find out.

    And of course there is no substitute for visiting a local Church. Directory of Parishes

    I hope this helps and please do drop by TAW. We would be glad to greet you. :)
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2017