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Mar 25, 2017 at 10:16 PM
Dec 1, 2013
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Jan 2, 1966 (Age: 51)
Florida, USA


† Servant of God †, Female, 51, from Florida, USA

Supporter CF Senior Ambassador

Active on FB, especially with edifying Orthodox posters (quotes of Saints, videos, books, resources, etc.) Please pm for friend request. :) Apr 4, 2016

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  • About

    Jan 2, 1966 (Age: 51)
    Florida, USA
    Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church
    Choir, Librarian
    Fav. Books:
    The Holy Bible, Non-fiction of many kinds, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings
    Fav. Verse:
    1John3:2 2 Beloved, we are already God’s children, but what we will be is not yet revealed. But when he is revealed, we know that we will be like Him; for we will see Him just as He is!
    Baptism Date:
    Bible Version:
    I usually use a combination of OSB, NASB, KJV, Mounce, & Amplified (I also like YLT).
    Marital Status:
    Fav. Hymn/ Worship Song:
    Current Prayer Requests:
    My most important and ongoing prayer requests are always that those I love will follow Christ.
    Eastern Orthodox
    Date accepted Christ / Years as a Christian:
    Personal Testimony - How I became a Christian:
    I came from a "Christian" family, but my great-grandmother was the only one living it. At age 4, a neighbor took me to VBS. There I heard of a special man named Jesus and loved Him from that time. At 12, I sought church & was led to recite the "sinner's prayer". While I had joy over that experience and was a serious seeker, I soon fell away & doubted the very existence of God for many years, never giving Him a thought (unless I was in trouble).

    After being trained in the sciences, living a life of agnosticism at best, finding no real meaning or truth in anything, I drifted for years. When I finally hit a wall, I cried out to God with very little actual faith, few words, but a desperately seeking and truly open heart. THAT was the beginning of my real walk with Him. I experienced the Presence of God, immediately changed into a completely different person, in a way that would have been impossible on my own.

    I grew quickly in spiritual knowledge, but took some rabbit trails in investigating my new faith, was led astray at times. After some (very painful) growing pains, I learned where my strength came from, became settled in the Lord, and developed a firm foundation.

    I've had difficulties in life since then - some pretty extreme ones, but God has been faithful to bring me through all my trials and troubles, and blessed me in the end beyond measure. Each one has only served to increase my faith, though they have been hard to go through. When we are at our lowest, God can be with us in the most tangible ways though.

    I've also been led through many churches, learning different things from each of them and finding valuable pieces of the puzzle. I feel like I have been gathering sacred gems from each one. I have now been led to the Orthodox Church, and it feels very much as if it may embrace all that I have brought in with me, and give me a fullness even beyond that.

    It's been an amazing life. All glory, honor, and praise go to my Lord.
    Art, writing, decorating, cooking, gardening, music, dance




    Ἅγιος ὁ Θεός, Ἅγιος ἰσχυρός, Ἅγιος ἀθάνατος, ἐλέησον ἡμᾶς

    We can know a theology is true if it is able to cure people. If it cannot cure them, it is not true theology. In the Orthodox Church we have a perfect therapeutic system, applied and expressed through the Mysteries and asceticism.

    When practiced correctly, people are cured.

    Curing people [involves] man’s co-operation in order to share in the purifying, illuminating and deifying energy of God. This is the key to the therapeutic experience of those within the Church.

    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.


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