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Why do you need an eternal reward as a bribe to be good?

Discussion in 'Ethics & Morality' started by LunarPie, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. TheDag

    TheDag I don't like titles

    But if you include all the people who don't believe caring for others should be a consideration then it is not a very small minority. Lets not forget the majority can be wrong. In any case you can't just say look sorry your opinions don't matter. The reality is that we still need to deal with those people so we still need to discuss their views. Of course people with power & money can be very influential and change things so even if they are in the minority their view can still easily prevail so needs to be considered.

    Yes the next paragraph shows I did not ignore them. Intellectual dishonesty on your part perhaps? Or just once again you apply lower standards to yourself compared to what you expect from others?[/QUOTE]
    Negotiating was the key one out of the four. At the end of the day there are three options in the conflict. Demand your own way and refuse to listen. Never get your own way as you always give in to the other which is not what most do so according to your law of ignore the minority of actions we can ignore that. That leaves the third option of negotiating. At the end of the day a better negotiator is going to get the best deal for themselves. So my statement is correct that it all comes down to who has the best negotiating skills.

    having empathy will not sort out a conflict but negotiation can. Compassion can not sort out a conflict but negotiation can. Consensus can work out a solution if people agree to decision by consensus but once again that involves putting your view across which means the best speaker or most influential speaker decides.

    ok from now on whenever you point out to someone that they made the claim and therefore should provide evidence then if I see it I will quote you here as justification for why they do not have to provide evidence for your claims. That is what you have made clear.

    Oh and by the way the very first result that came up showed that christians have a lower fear of death than athiests who had a lower fear of death than muslims. So you may need to adjust your statement a little. Of course the conclusions seem to be based on assumptions about peoples thinking.