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Where is your evidence creationists?

Discussion in 'Creation & Evolution' started by revo74, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. Fastener

    Fastener Guest

    There is no evidence that's why they need indoctrination to 'Convert' their children into being creationists.

    The same goes for ALL religions, the lack of evidence causes ALL of them to use indoctrination to do the 'Converting'.

    After indoctrination the 'Converted' sing the praises of their 'one and only God', it's a case of the blind leading the blind and it happens ALL over the world in ALL countries and ALL societies and they ALL end up with the 'one true God'.

    How amazing is that?
  2. Loudmouth

    Loudmouth Contributor

    A species that was half human and half fish would falsify evolution. You are aware of this, are you not?

    Of course, we already have mammalian species that are partly aquatic and partly terrestrial such as seals and otters. There is your evidence.

    Such as?

    Instead of going in circles, why don't you describe the evidence that you would accept? What genetic marker shared by multiple species would you accept as evidence that these species share a common ancestor? What features would a fossil need to evidence a transition between a modern species and a common ancestor with other species?

    I think I have asked these questions quite a few times, and each time you duck them. It is becoming quite apparent that you will not accept any evidence, no matter how compelling it is.

    No one is claiming that a mouse deer evolved into a whale. Perhaps you can address what scientists are actually saying instead of inventing stramen?

    No one is claiming that a bacteria morphed into an elephant or a whale. No one is claiming that dogs are as big as horses. Why do you feel the need to put words in other people's mouths? Is it because you have to shield yourself from the evidence that supports what scientists are actually saying?
  3. Psudopod

    Psudopod Godspeed, Spacebat

    Other Religion
    In Relationship
    No, it would falsify evolution. And even primitive humans have a much greater influence on their environment than most species. Selective pressures are lower in humans than other animals because of this.

    If you understood evolution, you'd know that telling someone to do something more would have absolutely no effect on evolution.

    If you answered the question you might understand why populations overlap.

    There is no evidence for evolution that you can see because you are looking for evidence of something other than evolution. If you think mermaids would be evidence of evolution, or that evolution involves morphing, or that telling someone to do something more will affect evolution, then you're not critising ToE, you demonstrating that you don't understand.

    You haven't demonstrated this at all, you've asserted it. You do understand, for example that indohyus and modern whales live in very different environments, for example? Something like indohyus couldn't grow to the same scale as the modern whale because it couldn't support itself on land, but in the ocean, it's perfectly possible.
  4. Huram Abi

    Huram Abi Guest

    Except that it is.
  5. CabVet

    CabVet Question everything

    Just FYI, if something like you describe ever happened (morphing into something not human in one generation), that would be evidence against evolution.
  6. Astridhere

    Astridhere Well-Known Member

    Nothing I produce could be worse than what you produce nor are the interpretations of data I offer. I do not need rhemes of mumbo jumbo. I am a creationist and do not need all the mumbo you evos have to have to demonstrate how, when, where or why "it all evolved". and...That is still all up for grabs.
  7. selfinflikted

    selfinflikted Under Deck

    In Relationship
    How long are you guys going to continue talking right past each other? I have been reading this thread since it's inception and ... words just can't describe.
  8. Astridhere

    Astridhere Well-Known Member


    and still none of the biased mess and contradiction you provide is any better than mine.

    This thread is an evolutionary comical spoof demonstrating desperation and denial. Evos deny they are the fanatics, especially atheists, wasting their time on threads or forums like this.