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"What do the seven churches in Revelation stand for?"

Discussion in 'Pentecostal & Assemblies of God' started by Pastor LDM, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. Pastor LDM

    Pastor LDM Newbie

    Can anyone tell me what does the seven churches in the book of Revelation mean, and can you name them. And what does the word of God saying to us about these seven churches, does it go for us today?:prayer:
  2. stormdancer0

    stormdancer0 Do not be so open-minded that your brain falls out

    I think we need to look at each church, and evaluate which church we belong to. In the US, a lot of churches are Laodicia churches - lukewarm, no true worship, people at church because it's Sunday, or out of habit. Or even so that they can claim Christianity and use it as "fire insurance."

    Fire insurance religion is useless. Worse, it's nauseating to Christ. There are aspects of all seven churches in each of us. We should use the commendations and corrections to keep ourselves on track.

    I've also heard that the churches describe the history of the church, with the last church - the one that's active in the end times - being the lukewarm one.
  3. lilmissmontana

    lilmissmontana singing my hallelujah song

    The seven churches were actual churches were actual churches at the time of John writing about them. They're to be an example of the types of churches today and what the message is to them. We would be wise to heed.

    They represent in Revelations 2 and 3

    Ephesus - the church that had forsaken it's first love (2:4)

    Smyran - the church that would suffer persecution (2:10)

    Pergamum - the church that needed to repent (2:16)

    Thyatria - the church that had a false prophetess (2:20)

    Sardis - the church that had fallen asleep (3:2)

    Philadelphia - the church that endured patiently (3:10)

    Laodicea - the church with lukewarm faith (3:16)