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~**Welcome to The Banquet!**~ (dress up)

Discussion in 'Character Dress-up Contests' started by NUgameFund, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. mindalan

    mindalan Most Caring

    Say you really get around to all the threads these days.

    Everyone is looking soooo lovely oh and handsome. Lol!
  2. GodsGirlJuJu

    GodsGirlJuJu Guest

    can i be a judge?or all the spots filled?
  3. NUgameFund

    NUgameFund NorwayUnn's game fund

    Sure, JuJu, you can be a judge! I will sign you up right away. Thanks a lot! :)
  4. Auncy

    Auncy forgiven1

    Good luck everyone!!
  5. redrose26

    redrose26 God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.

    Good luck to all:)
  6. NUgameFund

    NUgameFund NorwayUnn's game fund

    The results are here, and based on 2 judges results. I have not received the votes from the 3rd judge and do not want to wait.

    ... and the winners are:

    ***Grand prize bipolarbear***
    1st prize dluvs2trvl
    2nd prize Lyndiette
    3rd prize Ayaka


    Thanks to all who joined this banquet. You all looked real great and ready for some very fine dining and fellowship.
  7. ladyt28

    ladyt28 God's Grace Fills My Life

    Congrats to the winners! Lovely ladies, absolutely lovely!!
  8. Lyndiette

    Lyndiette Guest

    My thoughts exactly... all of us were so lovely :)
    Thank you Unni for a great game!
  9. rmw8855

    rmw8855 Robin 8^)

    Word of Faith
    Congratulations to the Winners :clap::clap:
  10. Ariella

    Ariella Daughter of the King

    sorry - the message i had from you said judging time tomorrow so i was just looking now and found it was over already when i went to score them LOL --- great job everyone!!! and sorry norway for being late with the results! :hug:
  11. Ayaka

    Ayaka Guest

    thnxs NU
  12. WallabyMom

    WallabyMom Senior Veteran

    Congratulation winners!!! :clap:

  13. mizangelwolf

    mizangelwolf ~ Queen Ainirácamë of Laminin ~

    Congratulations to all the winners!! Way to go!!
  14. Jasma

    Jasma Proud Pro-Lifer

    United States
    Congrats to all the winners.:clap: Everyone looks so cute :)[​IMG]