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Trinity: Biblical teaching or Pagan doctrine?

Discussion in 'Paterology, Christology & Pneumatology' started by franklin, May 23, 2002.

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  1. closer

    closer New Member

    I have a question. What language was the New Testament written in? Here's one thought Greek. Why? Because only 3 books in the New Testament were written for a Jewish audience who by the way could speak Greek as evident from it permeation into the culture of its day. Or another view is that it was in Aramaic. Why? Because that was the common language of the world at that time.
    At best three books were written in Hebrew and that is a far stretch because of the use of non-Jewish sources. Now are we to honestly believe that when Luke penned the name in Greek that he was not writting of Savior. Are we to understand that the message the early church preached as recorded by Luke in Acts and the words of Paul which were guarded by devout men of faith throughout the world are false.
    That is preposterous. That is ridiculous. Why don't we just admit then that the entire New Testament is a fallacy because a minority opinion of modern scholarship which I am yet to see a respected linguistic artist verify to be believed over every piece of written literature from Christians is inaccurate write down to the epistles of Paul.
    If anyone thinks this is a little to hard to believe I agree with you. Not only is it illogical it is not it is based on a premise that cannot be authenticated by any evidence of any kind.
    Also to remark on the NT as being part of the Dead Sea Scrolls that is wrong. The closest thing to the NT in the Dead Sea Scrolls is literature from Jewish Apocaliptic writtings. On a more interesting note the Dead Sea Scrolls contains a 151st Psalm. It is nothing to get excited over it just doesn't fit the Psalms and has been rejected. Still it was an interesting experience to witness.
  2. wannabe

    wannabe Member

    So since these copies were written in Greek for YAHDAH (falsely called Jews) that spoke Greek, you think we ended up with a Greek Savior? or do you think He was Hebrew with a Greek name? or do you think the "christians" really don't care what name you call him as long as you call him something such as it was "Iesous"? Considering the scriptures specifically tell us only ONE name given to man in which we can be rescued (saved).
  3. SnuP

    SnuP A son of the Most High


     you are engaged in a discussion with which you contiually refuse to answer the question put before you.  Like a politition you spin your way around the questions.  If your position is lagitamit then you should be abe to answer reasonble questions and provide proof for your answers.

    start with closer's question.

    What language was the New Testament written in? and Why (do we have a greek NT)?

    Now answer mine.

    Therefore if I say that Yahshua is the massiah come in the flesh, and if i confess that Yahshua is the Son of Yahweh, but I say that Yahweh is God, have I blasphemed the Most High and shown that Yahweh dwells within me and that I am of the Spirit of Yahweh?

    Thank you, I appreciate your cooperation.
  4. wannabe

    wannabe Member

    Was the original "New testament" written in Greek? Snup, the answer can be found in your "Bible" but I would not recommend the KJV, this version makes it difficult for anyone to see. I

    Why are christians worshiping a Greek/Latinized name "Iesous" (Jesus)?
    Yahshua was of HEBREW descent and born of parents of the tribe of Yahdah ( commonly referred as "Jews") Read: Mathew 1.Then Luke 1:1-66.

    These people were Hebrews who spoke Hebrew and Aramaic. The Malak from YAHWEH spoke to them in a language they could understand...HEBREW. They gave their children HEBREW names, NOT Greek or Latinized names. There was a "tradition" goes back for centuries before Yahshua and Yahanan (John) the immerser were born.

    Why would YAHWEH give His first child a Latinized Grecianized Romanish name like 'Jesus' such as in the New "Greek" Testament which has no etimological origin OR meaning in ANY language when YAHWEH plainly states that ALL the names of ALL His messengers/sent ones AND His children are given names that include the "meaning and purpose" for which they are sent? IE: Yahshua...Rescuer sent by YAHWEH, Zacharyah (wrongly, Zachariah) meaning YAHWEH remembers, in sending Yahannan (wrongly John) the immerser to "pave the way" for the arrival of "Rescue" sent by YAHWEH...Yahshua Mashaiyah (improperly Messiah)...

    Now Snup...More focusing on the "New Testament".
  5. wannabe

    wannabe Member

    ....Now Snup, more focusing on the New Testament, "Was the New Testament originally written in Greek?" The answer is in your Bible. I personally like the "New Jerusalem Bible" because it puts YAHWEH's name back where it belongs and takes out "LORD" which does not belong.

    ONLY HEBREW was spoken for the first 1700 some years until the time of separation of nations by geographics and language. A casual reading of the so called New Testament reveals that Yahshua and Yahshua ALWAYS spoke in the HEBREW language to the ones to whom they actually
    spoke... audibly. All the writers of the so-called New Testament were members of one of the 12 tribes that comprise the "Hebrew nation". While their are many interpretive translations in many languages, the thoughts and idioms are HEBREW!

    It is a fact that there is no letter "j" or "j" sound in Hebrew or Greek. There is no "sh" sound in Greek and no "H" in it's alphabet.

    Names Get "transliterated" Snup and NOT "translated" from one language to another as what has been done to Yahshua's Mashaiyah's name.

    Additionally, ALL the writings are directed TO and FOR the descendants OF of Abraham as comprised and seen in the 12 "tribes" of Yisrael known as Hebrews who spoke Hebrew in one form or another. All the writers of the last section were of this descent, spoke Hebrew/Aramaic and attended the Jewish Temple where ONLY "sephardic" or "Temple Hebrew" was spoken...NOT Greek or Latin. This was so the people would know for certain what was being said or read as VERY few knew or spoke either High or low Greek.

    Think about it...such students of Yahshua as Shimon, Yahcob, and Yahannan (wrongly John) were "country boys" who were FISHERMEN and were NOT well educated and simply did not read nor understand Greek in any form. See Acts 4:13 Such Emmissaries (wrongly Apostles) as Shaul (wrongly Paul) taught in the 'synagogues' about Yahshua and what Yahshua taught and ONLY Hebrew was spoken in such places. See Acts 15:21

    It is a fact that Shaul was chosen by Yahshua, speaking in Hebrew to him as "proved" in Acts 21:40 into 22:1 and especially Acts 26: 1-23 noting verse 14. Shaul was multi-Lingual being a highly educated man speaking no less that Hebrew, Temple Hebrew, Greek, both Koine and 'Low" Aramaic, and Latin (he was a Roman citizen). Think about it... as the verse proves...when Yahshua taught/spoke to Shaul, Yahshua spoke in HEBREW. Here was a perfect oppurtunity to "validate" Greek as the "original" language His "word". He did NOT. He spoke Hebrew to this multi-Lingual descendant of the "tribe" of Yahdah (Falsely called Jews which is a reference to "religion" and NOT to ancestral descent).

    Answering your question Snup about "Blaspheming"
    Psalm 74:10 "How long O' YAHWEH will the adversary keep reproaching, will the enemy keep treating your name with disrespect forever?

    "God" is transliterated from "Gad" Gad is a deity of fortune Abba YAH condemned and is going to condemn people for worshiping. Isaiah 65:11
  6. Caedmon

    Caedmon kawaii Supporter

    My goodness wannabe... You are not going to convince me or the majority of Christians here that we are worshipping a set of letters. I worship the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is my Savior, my Lord, and my God, and there's nothing you can say to dispute that.
  7. wannabe

    wannabe Member

    Keep reading your Bible Humble Joe and maybe one day "the veil" that only YAHWEH can lift from your face will be lifted. All the answers are in the Bible. I don't need to convince you of anything.
  8. Caedmon

    Caedmon kawaii Supporter

    The veil has already been lifted. I have been brought from death to life. I have been regenerated by God. Or are you suggesting that I have not been, since I don't use His "real" name?
  9. wannabe

    wannabe Member

    Yes that is what I am suggesting Humble Joe, because "God's real name is "Gad" from the Hebrew "G_d" and the germanic "gud" when you pray to "God" you are praying to "Gad". It is as simple as that! Gad is a deity of FORTUNE (Isaiah 65:11) Now carefully read (Malachi 1: 6-9) from the NEW JERUSALEM BIBLE and you will see what YAHWEH says about His name and about people calling on God! (remember through proper research you will see "God" was transliterated from "Gad" and "Gawd") and maybe you will understand why in revelation YAHWEH speaks of "only a few men left" and "the great whore with blasphemous titles"

    *Was the New Testament originally Greek? Read a few posts back that I wrote and you will find the answers to that question in your Bible to be a definate NO!

    **I was warned 3 times not to come on this forum because I am not a christian, so I will probably be removed permenantly, if that happens I want everyone to know I enjoyed speaking with them.

  10. LouisBooth

    LouisBooth Well-Known Member

    *mod hat on*

    I'm closing this thread per issues already talked about with wannabe.

    *mod hat off*
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