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Selling stuff in church

Discussion in 'Christian Philosophy & Ethics' started by e=mv^2, Oct 4, 2005.

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  1. e=mv^2

    e=mv^2 Well-Known Member

    Is it ok to sell items in church? Does John 2:16 forbid the sale of goods in or by the church?
  2. 12volt_man

    12volt_man Well-Known Member

    There's no Biblical admonition against selling things in church.

    Some ministries, such as Key Life, sell some items to defray the cost of giving so many other things away for free.

    The point behind the incident in John isn't that Jesus is condemning selling things in church, but what is being sold and how it is being sold.

    The incident occurred while pilgrims were coming to the temple, often from hundreds of miles away.

    Because they were traveling, they did not always have access to the sacrificial animals and sometimes had to buy them at the temple.

    This was a common and accepted practice. However, these particular vendors were taking advantage of the desire of the pilgrims to keep the law.

    Because they knew that the pilgrims needed these animals to fulfill their religious obligations, they were charging outrageous prices for them and selling them unacceptable sacrifices.

    This is what Jesus was condemning.

    Now, while it's not wrong for us to sell things in church today, we do need to be careful that we don't sell them in the same spirit.
  3. Bruce101

    Bruce101 Well-Known Member

    To add to an already good explanation.
    In Deut.14 they are told to keep back part of thier tithes to finance trips to Jerusalem in keeping the required Holy Days. So they would be spending the money that is God's portion to do this. Not a problem because it was a commandment. However, to charge usury for this is a major problem. They were not robbing their fellow Jews, but God.
    That would give a deeper punch to the part where Jesus says that you have made the house a house of robbers and thieves.

  4. swifteagle

    swifteagle Prophetic ~ Intercessor ~ Warrior!


    Hey e=mv^2, is that a pancake on the head of that rabbit?


    I just HAVE to know!!!

    swifteagle ><>
  5. e=mv^2

    e=mv^2 Well-Known Member

    Yup - bunny with a pancake on its head.
  6. George_4JC

    George_4JC New Member

    A Christian Church is strictly a house of worship and prayer.
    A place of Holy celebration and sanctification.
    Any other activity held within its confines is a desecration of a Christian church.
  7. Lawless

    Lawless New Member

  8. Rut

    Rut All creation points to the almighty Creator.

    I agrea bout that.God sy that he give us what we need and Jesus explain when he said (I don`t remember the verses) don`t God give the birds food andflowers what the need.We are more presure to Him then are....
    Do you know what I thinking about
  9. Shakon

    Shakon New Member

    I think it's a matter of what the money is used for... If it's just to the church elders for their own gain, then it's wrong. But if the money is to go towards missions and things like that, then I think it's okay... That and it depends on what the Church is selling... like, Christian CDs and veggie tales, that sort of thing is alright... but you know, anything that the Lord would find displeasing should NEVER be sold.
  10. ebia

    ebia Senior Contributor

    Say's who? Everything remotely resembling a church service in the NT, including the last supper itself, occurs in a building intended and used for some other purpose. So, having decided it's more convenient to have a purpose built building to worship in, why would you decide that it couldn't be used for some other purpose as well, so long as that purpose is not contrary to Christ's purposes?
  11. humbledbyhim

    humbledbyhim Senior Member

    We all know that Christ went buck wild when people tried to make a profit from others' desire to hear the word of God. I believe that as long as the funds are being used to help the Body of Christ or the needy, then the sale of things is ok. However, if the purpose of selling is to make a profit, then I do not believe that it is appropriate.
  12. revrobor

    revrobor Veteran

    Churches today are not synagogs and since Jesus did not found the not-for-profit religious corporations we call "church" today that verse is not applicable to churches.
  13. Joykins

    Joykins free Crazy Liz!

    Interesting this should come back up again. I just talked to my brother in law yesterday and apparently his church actually has a Starbucks inside it.

    I think that's a little weird.
  14. edie19

    edie19 Legend Supporter

    I think it's just another example of the "marketing" approach to Christianity we see so often today.

    There are several churches in my area that have bookstores and/or coffee shops within their confines. Yes, I believe it's wrong. Profiteering has no place in the house of God.
  15. amx

    amx Member

    What about the church that holds service in a mall? They've rented a store front and they get out of church about the same time that the rest of the mall opens. It's pretty convient for the parishioners because the food court is right there and you don't have to worry about beating the baptists to Shoneys.
    If having a Starbucks in the lobby of a church brings in additional funds and people why shouldn't the church do this? The funds can go to assisting the church fill the great commision.
  16. edie19

    edie19 Legend Supporter

    What about the 2nd and 4th Commandments?
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