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Recommend Bible Version

Discussion in 'Anabaptists' started by ratchet30, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. SGA

    SGA Guest

    high school education..bricklayer by trade..ordained into the ministry..alway's used the KJV..never found it hard to understand..so never felt the need for other versions.

    The writers of the Bible were inspired by God. They didn't need a degree in theology to write it. Thankfully we don't need one to understand it either. Lord bless
  2. Unix

    Unix Hebr incl Sirach&epigraph, Hermeneut,Ptolemy,Samar Supporter

    I just bought NETS in a Bible study software Friday 2 days ago. I got a 10% student discount. Earlier on, during this winter I had read a bit from the book introductions in it and they seem to contain valuable information - now I'm able to search those introductions!

    If You have questions about Bible versions, ask me by PM or childofdust by PM. Or if You have questions about commentaries or Bible study software, ask me, I've just been on a seminar this Friday, 9 am - 5 pm about a Bible study software.

    Plus I've had Logos for a very long time and since a year with lots of books! And I have for example the base-text of NETS: the Göttingen Septuagint:
  3. MoreCoffee

    MoreCoffee Repentance works.

    If you want the full canon then try one of the 'common bible' editions, they are usually NRSV (New revised Standard Version) or RSV (Revised Standard Version).

    I like Catholic bibles and the Orthodox Study Bible (except for a few of its notes which tend to be kind of hostile to Catholicism). So try the Jerusalem Bible (JB), New Jerusalem Bible (NJB), New Catholic Bible (NCB), Christian Community Bible (CCB), or New American Bible (NAB). All of which are relatively recent translations into English and all of which take advantage of recent biblical scholarship.

    If you like the grandeur of the KJV - a lot of people tell me it is especially poetic but I don't see it that way - then try the Penguin Bible, it is a KJV with the whole canon (as it was when the KJV was first translated). The Penguin Bible uses modern spellings and modern letters but retains the antiquated English of the KJV. You will enjoy it if you like the KJV :)
  4. ebia

    ebia Senior Contributor

    Untrue on several counts.

    Therein lies your problem.