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Raindrops on America

Discussion in 'Poetry & Prose' started by Greatcloud, Dec 22, 2018.

  1. Fractured sunlight

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  1. Greatcloud

    Greatcloud Senior Member

    United States
    Raindrops on America

    Splash down upon the earth

    cities and fields. Feed the

    flowers nutrition from water

    we grow. We know we need the

    rain in all places we live. People

    birds and flowers. Heavenly

    showers crisscrossing America

    Coming down in waves. Feed

    flowers growing on graves. On

    faces looking up. If we all catch

    some in a cup we can share this

    drink , we're on the brink of

    greatness in America. Drink

    water lift your cup up fill it up.

    Overflow let it spill on the lawn

    The daylight shining on. On ,

    on , on and on. The rainbows

    become glitter on the grass.

    Diamonds, too if you look down

    at the individual blades in the

    Sun. Each raindrop a rainbow if

    your eyes can adjust and your

    close enough for bowing to our

    earth. Touch it watch it drip ,

    rolling down the grass back into

    the ground. Back where the

    H2O will go. H2O you know is

    water the chemistry of the sea.

    Cycling around and ending in

    sea. On the mountains, snow

    crusted hills, melting with the

    Spring running back into sea.

    Raindrops on America. Africa,

    needed there more than almost

    anywhere. Jump in the water

    crash into a wave. Africa has

    oceans they have a long coast

    the south African coast is great

    for surfing. The California coast

    at Maverick has the best wave I

    have ever seen. The mean blue

    green surf there has surfers

    all over the world. If there is so

    much ocean water, why is the

    desert so bare, we need rain

    to ease our pain of wanting so

    much grain . Raindrops of love

    make the world go 'round .

    Move you ? It moves me too. It moves me into MOTIVATION
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2018
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  2. Greatcloud

    Greatcloud Senior Member

    United States

    Untold troubles all across the earth.
    A stired up sea affecting you and me. See humanity strive to be together , with freedom for every one of us.
    If not for trouble nothing would ever be accomplished. What Do you want a stagnant utopia. Where nothing ever changes ?

    Preponderous the earth was made for us.

    To live as nature does.

    Trouble is the door out. Out to freedom.

    I love the striven world we live in.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2019
  3. Greatcloud

    Greatcloud Senior Member

    United States
    Fun family

    Making funny faces a couple of boys a couple of girls. Whirling around the lawn, entertaining their mom. Making friends , and neighbors from next door laugh. Half joking half serious about all of that. Playing in the Sun having so much fun and loving every minute of it too.

    You never saw such a family as this one. What they've done has never been done under the sun.

    Taking the unforgiving minute and producing sixty seconds of play all day all 4 of them in every way.

    What a fun family their father mind's the bar- ba- q while their mother pastes flowers she finds onto colourful collages she is making with the children.

    The children never tire of the pool it's , "splash" in it, right after school. Their large St Bernard leaks drool bounding around the lawn. While Bobby and Brittany act cool having fun.

    Yes I guess no one is more fun then this family of 6 . Something about them just clicks.

    I hope they keep it going forever and I think they may. Now it's time for me to play.